Lets face it.

In Cleveland we are a bunch of losers.

Hold on. Before you get mad and leave, listen to what I have to say:

In Cleveland we are a bunch of losers, because Cleveland doesn’t know how to win.

Have you heard of “The Land”?

The Land knows how to win.

LeBron James, Tashaun Gipson, Phil Taylor, even the Cavaliers are all talking about this place they live called “The Land.”

So what is it? Its this glorious new idea, of a redefined Cleveland. One that knows how to win.

Cleveland knows: The Drive, The Fumble, Red Right 88, the Browns moving to Baltimore, Cavs vs. the Spurs in ’07, The Decision.
As Nike says, Cleveland Knows. I myself would add, how to lose.

The Land knows: The Return, Brian Hoyer, WINNING.

Cleveland fans need to switch over to The Land.

You don’t have to call Cleveland the land, but you have to start getting excited and supporting our teams.
We have risen from the ashes like a phoenix. But our ashes were deep.
We as fans don’t know how to win.
We need to learn.
And we need to learn FAST.

The Browns are 4-3 with the playoffs in sight.
The Cavaliers are going to win 80% of their games this season, and are the best team in the East.
The Indians were playing meaningful baseball into the last week of the season.

“The Land” is the greatest sports city. We have been through it all. And literally it all. (We lost a game due to a freaking Balk!) We have been so consistently bad that it would be easier to be good. And the fans have never wavered.
“The Land” is the greatest sports city.
And it’s ready to explode.

There is no need to watch sports with the feeling of anxiety. Sit back. Enjoy the game.
Our time has come.

“The Land” is a mantra to this new beginning. We can still have the past, but that doesn’t mean we have to carry the weight of it on our backs.
It’s time to ease up.

This game tomorrow will be absolutely magical. From the introductions, to the first bucket, all the way till the end when we finish 1-0.

If you have tickets to tomorrow’s game, (I envy you), but you are about to witness the GREATEST event in CLEVELAND HISTORY.


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