April 14, 2024

The Ins and Outs of the Cavs and Warriors Rivalry!


Tristan Thompson vs Channing Frye

Channing Frye has stepped up this year after getting minimal minutes in last year’s playoffs. He has created mismatches offensively with opponents bigs.

Frye’s minutes have shrunk since Thompson returned from injury. Thompson has struggled since his return and the Cavs are struggling to find out how to use him. Thompson was used heavily with Kyrie Irving with the pick and roll. Since the Cavs haven’t had a traditional point guard yet this season, they have relied heavily on spacing the floor.

The Athletic’s Mike O’Connor wrote an awesome piece going in depth on the Cavs offense thus far. He had this to say about the struggles the Cavs have had plugging Thompson back into the offense.

The wide-open spacing and Swiss-army-knife versatility are severely compromised when Thompson enters the game. The Cavs have to completely abandon the four-out, one-in setup.

It’s hard to understate Thompson’s impact on the spacing — defenses have already begun loading Thompson’s defenders onto LeBron’s side to play free safety.

O’Connor also dives into Thompson’s impact with the pick and roll and thinks he will get more comfortable once Thomas returns.

Christmas day can show us if Frye can be used against the Warriors like Fedor referenced above. As everyone loves Frye’s offense and the mismatches it creates to traditional big men. But, Jordan Bell has been getting major minutes at center, meaning that mismatch may not be there. You could put Frye on the floor if Pachulia is on at the same time creating that mismatch, but what about defensively and rebounding?

Whoever gets the most minutes today may not mean they will get the most minutes in June, but it if Frye is productive, it could add just another piece to the deep Cavs bench.

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