April 14, 2024

The Ins and Outs of the Cavs and Warriors Rivalry!


The Bench

No need to reminisce on Deron Williams or when LeBron sat out for a total of 40 seconds and you were screaming at the TV to put him back in. This year the bench has been a huge upgrade from years past.

Here is a piece from Cleveland.com’s Chris Fedor discussing the Cavs bench success.

In last year’s five-game series, the Warriors’ bench unsurprisingly outscored Cleveland’s, 145-92. In the clincher, it was even more lopsided in Golden State’s favor — 35-7.

This season, the Cavs rank sixth in bench scoring, averaging 40.6 points. They were 28th in 2016-17. 

The quartet of Wade, Kyle Korver, Jeff Green and Channing Frye have an offensive rating of 111.5, a defensive rating of 98.4 and a net rating of 13.1, showing massive potential. Then again, it looks like Frye might be an afterthought now that Tristan Thompson has returned from injury. It’s also worth wondering if Frye is usable against the Warriors.

Wade coming off the bench is exactly what the Cavs needed. They needed someone to keep the team above water while LeBron sits. The bench has even brought the team back in some games, which is something I would have never said in years past.

Korver has been nothing short of excellent.¬† He seemed to struggle in the playoffs last year and we all remember his missed shot in Game 3. Korver is shooting over 44% from three through 33 games and has been an important part of the Cavs’ “death lineup.” It will be interesting to see how Korver plays after struggling against them in June.

Someone once told me this about Jeff Green. No fan base loves Jeff Green more than his new team’s fan base and no team hates Jeff Green more than the fan base of the team he just left. Meaning, everyone loves the Jeff Green addition until he plays for your team because he leaves you extremely underwhelmed. Well, the same can’t be said this time around. Green has been a productive two-way player that has exceeded fans expectations. It will be fun to see how Lue uses him to guard the Warriors’ firepower of an offense.

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