April 15, 2024

In regards to the Deshaun Watson trade, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam was urged to give the women in his family a veto power for the trade. Now, his wife Dee and daughters did not execute the power they had.

“After extensive discussions with Dee and his daughters Whitney and Cynthia, none of them exercised their veto powers.”  

And it got me thinking…

Could you imagine if one of these women executed the veto power given to them?

Thus, canceling this trade that is so huge in magnitude?

Yes, there is a fair share of Browns fans against the trade due to the discretions against Watson. However, the number of fans that would be against that woman(en) would be so large that it would be unfathomable to describe.

Yes, we here at CST are all for women having their say and to dispute that is not the point of this article. It’s simply the fact that the amount of power that actually rested in the hands of said women was enormous.

This is a comment made by Dee:

“No. Our daughters had some really incredible comments on it, but we were pretty thoughtful of giving them all of the information, as well,’’ she said. “I think that was just part of the process for our family is really just thinking about all of the details and what comes of it. They worry about individuals who have experienced sexual abuse and how this would impact them, and that has been our concern as a family is how is it going to impact people who have experienced sexual abuse and what are they going to think. That’s been something that we care about these people so that has been something we thought about.

Jimmy & Dee Haslam

Clearly, these women were well informed about the situation at hand and that is a great thing.

I just couldn’t imagine the phone calls to radio stations the day after a report came out that one of the Haslam Girls was the reason why the Deshaun trade didn’t happen and that the Browns are stuck with Baker Mayfield because of it. That would’ve been absolutely scary.

Thankfully, everyone in the Haslam family appeared to be on the right page when it came to the Watson trade. This made it a lot easier for Jimmy, I’m sure. However, having daughters and trading for this guy had to get the owner wondering just like many Browns fans have vocalized themselves throughout the course of time since the trade was completed…

Wondering if he was trading for someone not so great towards women.

Wondering about the example Deshaun Watson sets for Browns fans.

Wondering how this was going to exactly unfold… (We still don’t know entirely).


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