March 4, 2024

The Hail Mary this past Sunday was absolutely crazy in Cleveland. We all saw that play occur where quarterback Justin Fields launched a deep ball to the end zone and it was knocked down, subsequently dropped by wide receiver Darnell Mooney, popped up and intercepted by D’Anthony Bell to secure a Browns victory, 20-17.

Literally, that play gave Browns fans a heart attack.

Let’s be honest. That ball actually gets caught by the Bears receiver and the entire narrative throughout this whole week is completely different. Hey, a win is a win though.

I learned a bit about the strategy behind a Hail Mary play. I always knew about having the “hands team” out for the final play to try and catch the ball. Additionally, that the defense needs to try and knock the ball down and not necessarily go for the interception.

Something new I learned is about the trailers on the offense. These are essentially the players that run behind the hands team players in an attempt to try and catch a pass if it does get knocked down.

Well, that is literally what happened as the ball went right to the Bears’ Mooney. Frankly, it should’ve been caught and it’s not that the Browns got completely “lucky” because the team had an excellent comeback win. It’s just simply that was a lucky play to finish it out.

I have seen the QB Tim Couch (remember him?) Hail Mary highlight to rookie wide receiver Kevin Johnson in 1999 for the Browns to get their first win back in the NFL. That was a 16-14 game with just seconds left and the final score ended at 21-16. Honestly, the Saints completely failed on that play by allowing the pass to get tipped up instead of knocking it down. Johnson snagged it in the corner of the end zone – ballgame.

Well, why is it even called Hail Mary?

Via Wikipedia: Due to the difficulty of a completion with this pass, it makes reference to the Catholic “Hail Mary” prayer for strength and help.

Well, the Bears were 5-8 before this loss and so it’s not as if they had intense playoff ambitions. Certainly, the Chicago media was bashing this Mooney guy for the drop, but their season wasn’t really going anywhere. Not technically over, but a very slim playoff chance.

I just wouldn’t go to a local Chicago eatery anytime soon if I were that receiver.

The Browns have so much work to do in order to be truly elite and while the team has great playoff chances at 9-5, let’s see more.

Our Dawgs finish this year with games in Houston against the Texans, home against the Jets and in Cincinnati to finish off the season.


Listen to Jim Donovan’s call of recent Hail Mary with highlight By CLICKING HERE 

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