The Guardians Need To Trade For Another Pitcher


We are at the end of May for the 2024 MLB season, which means it might be time for some potential trade discussions. The Cleveland Guardians are sitting well in first place of the A.L. Central with a record of (37-18), but that does not excuse the team from making any trades.

With SP Shane Bieber going down at the beginning of the season, the Guards have struggled to get a fifth pitcher into their starting rotation. Carrasco has not been good and neither has Xzavion Curry, unfortunately. The Guardians may have to trade for a pitcher before the trade deadline hits so they can have that clarified for a full starting five-pitcher rotation.

A possible pitcher that I could see the Guards trading for is Alex Wood who is currently playing for the Oakland Athletics. The A’s are struggling and will be in rebuild mode for the next couple of seasons which means they may make some trades. The Guardians getting Wood would at least clarify that fifth man in the starting rotation.

The other thing about making this trade is it would help for a potential playoff series victory having that clarity. The 33-year-old veteran would probably not need to stay long as after the season ends Shane Bieber should be all set to return.

Overall, not likely sure this might actually happen, but it’s a thought for the Guards as they look to fill that last starting spot!

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