Kristin and I will be hosting Christmas Eve with our family in a few days. It’s a time to eat, drink, be merry and exchange gifts. Of course, there is work to be done first. We have our decorating done and will do a little cleaning tomorrow before the Browns host the Bengals. Today was a day to dig out the holiday dishes and buy everything we needed to accomplish the goal of being good hosts for this annual celebration. Part of the preparation was retrieving six gold-rimmed goblets from our hutch in the dining room.

Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday as a kid. It surpassed Christmas by a smidgeon for a few reasons. I loved the food and the family reunion that generally accompanied the day of feasting. It just felt like a day that meant family more than any other day each year. My folks valued family. I have a lot of great memories of the holidays. As a kid, it was cool to me to be treated special on Thanksgiving and Christmas. My mom would set the table with her china and we all ate off the fancy plates. We also got to drink from the best glasses we had, the gold-rimmed goblets.

Some people have china and crystal and are afraid to use it because it’s too good and it may get broken. My mom believed there was no point in having it if you weren’t going to use it. She had other dishes that she would use when she had friends over to play bridge. Her friends were afraid to eat off them, but Mom was unphased.

I inherited the goblets and I use them. That’s what my mom would want, and I think of her every time I get them out. It’s just another way of living your life. Why wait for that day that will be so special it will merit the good stuff? Family is the good stuff.

We live our lives looking forward to things and often don’t appreciate the things that are already in front of us. We’re all happy with the progress the Browns have made, but just wait until next season! The Browns will compete for the division title and may make a little run in the playoffs. The 2020 season may yield a deep playoff run. The thing is, the Browns are good right now.

Enjoy it!

Baker Mayfield and the other key pieces are the gold goblet that we can enjoy today. We’ll also have the privilege of looking back on these experiences with fondness. We can all feel special because we have the good stuff right in front of us. We’re being treated like the other fans in the NFL.

My hope for everyone is a Christmas surrounded by loved ones and filled with enough magic and faith to make the holiday memorable, but let’s get a Browns win first.

Merry Christmas and go Browns!

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