Ohio State has won 10 of their last 12 meetings against The Team Up North, and don’t expect them to lose this one. The Buckeyes are in a perfect spot to make a run at the playoffs. For the second straight year, Ohio State goes into the The Game with national championship hopes on the line. They also have a chance to give the Wolverines their 3rd losing season since 2008, and a losing record in the Big Ten.

Ohio State goes into The Game as heavy favorites. The Team Up North has struggled in every offensive category this year. They rank 12th in the Big Ten in scoring offense, 13th in total offense, 10th in pass defense, and 11th in scoring defense. They won’t have an answer for the strong Ohio State defensive line anchored by Joey Bosa. Look for the Buckeyes to capitalize on turnovers by the Wolverines’ offense. Gardner has thrown 14 picks on the season and just 8 touchdowns. Their strength is on defense, but they won’t be able to keep J.T. Barrett and the Buckeyes’ high-powered offense in check. Their offense doesn’t have the ability to keep up with the Buckeyes. Ohio State should win The Game easily. There’s no way The Team Up North comes into The Shoe and steals this one.

Ohio State currently sits two spots away from making the inaugural College Football Playoffs. Here are some games you should be keeping your eye on as well. Ohio State has a chance to end Saturday with a spot in the playoffs.

• No.15 Auburn (8-3) vs. No.1 Alabama (10-1)
7:45 on ESPN. Alabama is coming off a close wins against LSU and Mississippi State, and a blowout win against Western Carolina. Alabama is favored to win at home, but anything can happen in The Iron Bowl. Just look at what happened last year.

• Florida (6-4) vs. No.3  Florida State (11-0)
3:30 on ESPN. Florida State has looked as bad as an undefeated team possibly could look. They’re coming off two close games to bad Miami and Boston College teams. The Gators haven’t had a good season, but they’ve played well at times. They had a big 39-20 road victory against Georgia earlier this year. Don’t be surprised if the Gators can pull this one out. Expect this game to be close all the way to the end.

• No.4  Mississippi State (10-1) vs. No.19  Ole Miss (8-3)
3:30 on CBS. Mississippi State has had a great season so far. They are coming off a blowout win against Vanderbilt. Ole Miss on the other hand is coming off  a tough loss to Arkansas. Ole Miss has been up and down at times this year, but has the ability to beat any team. They defeated Alabama earlier this year, 23-17. This is a huge rivalry game, and anything can happen. Expect this game to be close as well.


pic credit to USA Today

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