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I have been thinking of the dream scenario for the first three rounds of the NFL Draft for the Browns. The first three rounds of an NFL draft can single-handedly flip around an NFL team with the right impact players. This is obviously a complete hypothetical in which I am in hopes that these players are available in the positions that I ‘drafted’ them in. There are going to be a lot of things happening on draft day that the Browns will not be able to control. Lastly, this ‘first there round dream’ draft is completely without trades. Personally, I think that the Browns will be dealing, not specifically in the first round, but the later rounds will have many viable trade options. Let’s get into the picks:

Number 1: Myles Garrett, DE

This pick has been set in stone since the NFL combine. He is the complete package that can once again, single-handedly flip around a franchise. I personally think he is the best prospect at the number one spot in the last five years. He is going to come in and completely torture the tackle position for many years in the AFC North. Please, for the love of God do not listen to all of the click-bait articles that say the Browns are having a tough time deciphering between Myles Garrett and Mitch Trubisky. It is not even close. They are not drafting Mitch with the number one pick in the entire draft. If Mitch was in the picture, they would not be drafting at number one. They would have traded out and stacked more picks while staying in the top five for Mitch. Do not listen to all of the chatter.

Round 1, Pick 12: Malik Hooker, S

This is a pipe dream. Many people have Malik Hooker going in the top 10, but as I said, this is a ‘dream draft’ and I hope he falls to 12. The only scenario where I see him falling to 12 is if some of the NFL experts’ mock drafts are right and there will be two running backs in the top 10. Some people have Leonard Fournette AND Christian McCaffrey in the top 10. In that case, one of the two top safeties is going to fall to 12 (either Jamal Adams or Malik Hooker). The Browns are in need of a solid safety and that is what Malik Hooker is. He is more of a center field style safety, as opposed to Jamal Adams being an in-the-box, smash mouth safety. Malik Hooker is a complete monster and will evolve our secondary into the next level.

Round 2, Pick 33: Reuben Foster, LB

Many people have Reuben Foster falling to the second round, after many complications.

That is the ideal situation for the Browns. We fulfill our linebacker needs with another impact player that can change a franchise. I personally do not think he will be a MIKE linebacker in the league. He fits much more of a WILL style of play. He has a ton of range and can hit very hard. His sideline to sideline capabilities are probably the best out of all of the linebackers in this draft. He is the complete package at the linebacker position and if we can get a top 10 talent player with the 33rd pick, it will be an amazing draft.

Round 2, Pick 52: Evan Engram, TE

He is the second best tight end in the draft behind O.J. Howard. It is a downgrade from Howard, but not as big as some people think. I certainly think that O.J. Howard is in the picture at the number 12 slot, which obviously if that happens, this won’t. He isn’t a post up style of tight end but many compare him to Jordan Reed. Wouldn’t everyone love to have Jordan Reed on their team? Complete game changer. Evan Engram is quick and runs routes very well. Gary Barnidge is not getting any younger and this pick would be great deep into the 2nd round.

Round 3, Pick 65: Nathan Peterman, QB

If you haven’t read my blog a few weeks ago about Nathan Peterman, I really encourage you to do so. Here are some things that I said about Peterman:

He is 6-2, 225. He has bigger hands than Davis Webb, which is pretty impressive based on his size. He looked like an NFL quarterback at the Senior Bowl and impressed many coaches that were there. Who was one of the coaches at the Senior Bowl? Hue Jackson. We know that it is a pretty large advantage to coach the Senior Bowl and Hue might take advantage of what he learned of Peterman. We also know that last year the Cowboys coached the Senior Bowl and they walked away amazed at Dak Prescott and that obviously became the steal of last year’s draft.

Peterman is drawing a Derek Carr comparison which is obviously a great thing because Derek is one of the sole reasons that the Raiders are back to being a good franchise again. I have watched Peterman take some pretty hard hits in the pocket and still deliver a great throw down the field. That is another plus. Being able to stand in the pocket and deliver a solid pass while getting drilled is always a good thing. He was in a pro-style offense down in Pittsburgh, so he does not have to come in and learn everything all over again. He has experience.The tape that I watched was the Clemson game and he made some pretty solid throws throughout the entire contest.

The big thing to look at here is that he was a monster at the Senior Bowl. Hue Jackson had first-hand experience with him already in which Peterman obviously impressed him. This is a low-risk high reward pick. It fulfills our long term QB need for this draft without wasting the 12 pick on someone that is worth a second round pick. I personally do not think that there are any quarterbacks in this draft that are worth a first round pick. There are going to be teams that reach for quarterbacks in the first, that is obvious, but they are most certainly reaching.

I will end it with what I touched on earlier, do not listen to the people saying that Mitch Trubisky is in play at the one pick. He is not. The Browns are going to draft Myles Garrett. That is final.

Go Browns.

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