April 14, 2024

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The time has come for a change in Cleveland, one many fans will not agree with, but one that the organization thought was a necessary step. The Indians have officially announced their name for the 2022 season and beyond, the Cleveland Guardians.

As Indians fans know the baseball team in Cleveland has been known as the Indians since 1905, but with recent pressure brought onto the team, the Dolans thought it needed to end after the 2021 season.
Fans in Northeastern Ohio will forever know this team as the Indians but the name Guardians has symbolism to the city of Cleveland. The Guardians of Traffic on the Hope Memorial Bridge just across from Progressive Field are the namesake for the team, but it can even go deeper than that.

As a Cleveland baseball fan, every member of the fanbase is a “guardian” of Cleveland and Cleveland baseball. As Tom Hanks said in the introductory video, “Together we stand with all who understand what it means to be born and built from the Land.”

While this is the end of an era in Cleveland baseball history it is also the start of another era. As the 2021 season continues get all of the Indians gear you can get, enjoy as many games as you can at Progressive Field, and most importantly support this team no matter what they are called.

For the rest of this season…GO TRIBE and as for the 2022 season…GO GUARDIANS!

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