Chicago Bulls came to Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers on Monday night. The Bulls didn’t know, the Cavs didn’t know and the entire NBA world didn’t know what was about to happen. We witnessed “The Donovan Mitchell Show” take place at the arena. Mitchell made history by dropping the first-ever 70-point and 10-assist game. He finished with 71 points, eight rebounds and 11 assists to help win the Cavs 145-131 over the Bulls in overtime. He shot 22 of 34 from the field and hit seven three-pointers.

The Cavs had an abysmal first half against the Bulls. They trailed by as many as 20 points in the second quarter. You saw the spark come alive late in the second quarter, but it wasn’t until the third and fourth quarters that Mitchell started going off. He couldn’t miss and was making the right plays, whether it was scoring or facilitating. The Bulls Defense had no answer for Spida.

Mitchell tied the game late in regulation to force overtime. Cavs grabbed their first lead in the game when Mitchell hit a three to make it 133-130 overtime.

What did Donovan Mitchell eat? What did he drink? Where did the inspiration come from? Well, whatever it is, it was sensational to witness. Mitchell is a likable player and we want to see him succeed and this is the kind of performance we want to see from him more often. Be a scoring threat but make the other guys better.

Mitchell scoring 71 is the most points since Kobe Bryant in 2005 when he scored 81 against the Toronto Raptors. Wilt Chamberlain still holds the record with 100 points. Demar DeRozan had 44 points last night, but the biggest story here is Donovan Mitchell. He is having an MVP-caliber season and this performance continues to help him strengthen his case. It would be great to see Donovan Mitchell win league MVP as a Cavalier for the first time since Lebron in 2010.

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