April 20, 2024

The Deshaun Watson Situation and His Future with the Cleveland Browns


Deshaun Watson has not done as well as the Browns would have liked in his first two years. Even though he hasn’t performed well, a lot of scenarios have popped up limiting the amount of playing time Watson gets. Through being suspended two years ago and injured last year, he hasn’t even completed a full season. Even still, Watson’s future with the organization is still blurry.

Expectations for the Upcoming Season:

Watson has everything going for him right now this season. With Chubb coming back, the offensive line most likely being improved through the draft and free agency, and a slew of wide receivers and tight ends, there isn’t much Watson has to deal with. On the other side of the ball the defense is still (hopefully) going to be great again, meaning he has a defense capable of stopping the team and giving him as much time to score. The crazier part is that the team is most likely going to improve further, assuming the Browns have a good free agency/draft. Watson has no excuse this season.

Future Plans for QB if Watson Fails in the 2024/2025 Season:

If Watson is unable to have a competitive season, the Browns are going to have to really take a deep dive into what they want to do at the position. Watson is being paid too much money and we gave too much up for him for a bad performance three years in a row to be accepted. The Browns as a whole are going to have to take every single possible combination into consideration because this just isn’t acceptable. There are, albeit quite complicated, ways to get out of Watson’s annoying contract, though I have a feeling none will happen. Overall, something is going to have to change if Watson is unable to have a good season with arguably the best team he has had in his entire career.

Future Plans for QB if Watson Succeeds in the 2024/2025 Season:

Well, I think it is more or less expected on what will happen if Watson has a good season. The haters will continue to nitpick and find ways to call him trash, and the people who actually understand football will be happy. No matter what though, any sane Browns fan will be excited to see what he can do next. I think this is the most realistic possibility, though I wouldn’t be shocked if Watson fails. I think with how good this team is right now it would be hard for Watson to have a bad season, but he has shocked us before.

Future Plans for QB if Watson either gets Hurt/Suspended for the 2024/2025 Season:

A suspension is very unlikely, just so everyone knows. I still had to include it, since technically it could happen in some crazy world. But an injury is much more likely, and in my mind the second highest chance of happening. If this happens, I think the Browns are, once again, going to have to figure out what they want to do. That would be three years in a row Watson was unable to put together a full season, which isn’t a recipe for success by any means. If Watson is unable to put together a full season three times in a row, something is going to have to change. No team can win if their franchise QB is unable to stay healthy for at least 14 games, though all of them is nice.


The Browns have a lot of things hinging on this season, and so does Watson. His entire future with the organization and even his future with the NFL as a whole all comes down to his performance in the upcoming season. With the best roster he has ever had and a wide open AFC North, Watson has no more excuses if he is unable to succeed.

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