This seems to be a never-ending-saga and the Cleveland Browns appear to be dumber and dumber for not only signing quarterback Deshaun Watson but for the amount of money they gave him too. This graphic essentially shows the extensive research the team did beforehand.

Now, I was thrilled when the team made this signing and I won’t deny it. However, I really thought the Browns knew what they were getting into and everything was resolved and such moving forward. Yes, the actual trials proved Watson “not guilty” of an actual crime. Thus, teams across the league jumped at the opportunity to sign him to a contract.

Even so, it seems like every morning I wake up to a new civil case filed against Watson. Apparently, there is a 25th and 26th civil suit ahead. This is via from Attorney Tony Buzbee:

“We have been referred a very compelling case by a respected lawyer from Atlanta,’’ Buzbee told in an email response Monday night. “We expect to file that case in due course. And, we have been contacted by another victim who saw the HBO special and was compelled to come forward. We have vetted other calls but haven’t yet made decisions on any further filings and will continue to do our due diligence consistent with our ethical obligations. With regard to any impending filings, we will allow the facts of the cases to speak for themselves.’’ Asked when the suits will be filed, he said, “we have no particular timeframe.’’

Of course, there is always the question and always the people that wonder if some of these women are simply gold-diggers seeking the opportunity to make some money. That could be a problem in the future as it was reported that Watson saw a total of 66 massage therapists and that the Houston Texans helped him out in finding them and arranging the appointments.

The scary part is we aren’t even to the beginning of training camp of Watson’s first year as a member of the Cleveland Browns. There is more drama with this guy than if I were to say a bad word in front of my parents. While I kid, it’s really starting to get ridiculous.

I mean the Browns signed this quarterback to a five-year 230-million-dollar contract. Recently, the team claimed to still be “all-in” on Watson. But these allegations keep piling up and it’s getting crazy.

The NFL, the Browns and obviously Watson himself have a never-ending PR nightmare that is ahead. There will be many that love him for his quarterback skills, many who hate him for what he did or allegedly did and many who just don’t care and would rather watch Golden Girls instead of NFL Football.

It’s going to get ugly. Uglier than it already is and those aforementioned groups better be ready.

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