The DeShaun Watson Effect: Were You Tested in These Ways?


What you see

While the news cycle is spitting out more and more info from the civil case individuals, we also see Watson taking members of the Browns on elaborate trips to the Bahamas, giving Rolex watches to teammates and playing golf with his teammates while he looks genuinely happy. 

Are we to rely on what we see or is it all a mirage? 

That’s a tough call.

Everyone reacts to stressful situations differently. It’s fair to say that Watson is probably stressed like most of us who see the news cycle. How you and I react to that situation is going to be very different. 

Many fans have decided to cancel their season tickets or will refuse to follow the team they’ve followed since they were a kid. 

Who’s right or wrong on this topic isn’t that important. But it’s influencing this fan base more than ever and that’s saying something. 


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