Don’t you just love that Cleveland Browns defense? They’re pretty good, right? Wrong! They’re looking GREAT! The Browns’ defense once again was dominating. Arizona Cardinals’ offense struggled and had no answer for their defense. The Browns shut down the Cardinals 27-0. It was an astonishing performance on a marvelous Sunday afternoon.

What about Deshaun Watson? The man looks promising. He needs to stay healthy. Watson answered the bell. Yes, it was Arizona but he did his job. Watson went 19 of 30 for 219 yards and two touchdowns. Cleveland fans want to see their quarterback to be elite and stay on the field. When you score touchdowns and avoid turnovers, you would rarely lose games.

Wide receiver Amani Cooper caught five passes for 139 yards and a touchdown.

Cleveland’s defense was a machine. They gave up just 58 yards of total offense. They forced three turnovers and picked up seven sacks.

This is a team that has responded well to adversity so far. After the Nick Chubb injury, we thought this was the beginning of the end of the Browns season. But this is impressive football by Cleveland. No one is throwing in the towel. You can’t write them off yet. I see a Browns team getting better, especially on defense.

Cleveland improves to 5-3 overall. Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are not staying behind. Cleveland has company as the three teams are tied in the AFC North. They’re all chasing and trailing Baltimore for the first-place spot, which all three teams are just 1.5 games behind.

Cleveland’s next game will be on Sunday, November 12, when they travel to Baltimore to play the first-place Ravens.

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