This isn’t “Rocky.”

Oh, here we go…Zach has to bring up Rocky Balboa in an article. Shocker. It’s like every single time dude… stop

Anyway, the point is that NFL Football isn’t boxing. The sport is a team effort amongst individuals and that is where the DE Myles Garrett Conundrum becomes apparent. Let’s stop and realize where the Browns are currently.

A 5-8 record and currently 3rd place in the AFC North where the Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals are well ahead. Hey, at least the Pittsburgh Steelers suck this year also…I guess.

Now, DE Myles Garrett is regarded as a superstar of this team and that is for good reason. After all, he has 12 sacks, two forced fumbles and 26 solo tackles. Plus, this stat too…

Reminder – 5-8 record.

Look, there is no denying that Garrett has skills at his position and is a huge help in regard to the Browns Defense. However, it’s just not going to cut it overall amongst the defense as a whole.

After all, it’s a group effort amongst the 11 total guys on the field that make a defense work. Unlike Rocky and boxing which is just a single athlete.

See where I’m going with this?

In order for the Browns to be a great franchise overall, it’s going to take a complete defense filled with 11 total “Garretts” and not just a single dominant edge rusher that people buy jerseys of…

That could certainly help win a drive and get the ball back, maybe even win a game here or there. It’s not the type of position that can make the entire roster better like a quarterback is able to do.

I get it. Garrett gets the sack here or there and everyone goes crazy and says, “I told you so – he’s elite!” 

Well, then there are people like me who are quite cynical and see the 5-8 total record and say, “I told you so – this overall roster is poor despite Myles Garrett!”

This offseason, the Browns are going to have to work on the defense in order to become a better overall team in the future.

Glad they have the top overall pick to select a stud…

That was a joke. A poor one at that, sorry.

This article isn’t to discredit Garrett, because there’s not much more he can do to help. It’s everyone else that needs to step up and win games. Let’s see how the team improves moving forward…

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