The Curious Case of Brian Hoyer



Brian Hoyer;


The Hometown Hero

The Quarterback with a dream of leading the team he grew up loving, to a Super Bowl

The One Quarterback who’s found any lick of success in Cleveland.


As a city, and frankly even the entire nation, we all know of the famed Quarterback Battle brewing here in Cleveland, and frankly it is the one reason the Browns are receiving any attention at all by the media, or even anyone outside of Cleveland itself.

Brian Hoyer vs Johnny Manziel

Hometown Hero vs Johnny Football

Hard Work vs Hype

We all know how the media is all over Manziel. They want Manziel to start and frankly so does the entire city of Cleveland. Manziel being drafted by the Browns alone yielded over 1500 new season ticket holders within three days of the Draft! It is clear how this situation emanates in Cleveland. We as a city want to see “Johnny Football” electrify the city and this playoff-less and Super Bowl-less Browns team. We watched Johnny say he wants to be the first rookie to lead his team to the Super Bowl and will “pour his heart out for the Dawg Pound”. Manziel, to say the least, has electrified the city and made the Browns and Cleveland the most talked about NFL team in the month of May. Manziel is a spark plug that the entire world loves and we’ve grown to accept him as the Quarterback of the future.

But what about Brian Hoyer?

In his small sample size, he went 3-0 (Although  the Bills victory should be more accredited to Brandon Weeden who played the majority of that game, but nonetheless, Hoyer started that game and gets the credit for the win.)

He had a TD-INT ratio of 5-3 and passed for 615 yards. To put the situation in to context, Hoyer’s first win came following the acclaimed Trent Richardson trade, and many asssumed the Browns had given up on the season and had begun what looked like a possible 2 win season. Hoyer sparked a stagnant offense and energized a lifeless defense and the Browns then went to pull off a string of three straight victories against Minnesota, Cincinnati, and Buffalo (The game by which Hoyer tore his ACL). For a time, the Browns appeared to be able to seriously contend for the AFC North Title, especially with the Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals off to seriously unimpressive starts to their seasons. But alas, as I said, Hoyer tore his ACL and the Browns went on to finish 4-12 with their only other win coming at the hands of Jason Campbell against the Ravens. Hoyer’s sample size may have been small, but there is no denying that he sparked a lifeless team that many doubted would even win a game!

Brian Hoyer is in an un-winnable situation here in Cleveland. If he wins, well people will still be clamoring Manziel. If he loses, people will be calling for Hoyer’s head, and Manziel to play. Manziel is expected to play regardless of Hoyer’s success next season. To put this in a hypothetical scenario, say the Browns finish 9-7 and make the playoffs via the Wild Card spot. Browns fans will definitely be happy in the success of the team, but we all know the young fans, and the media (Particularly ESPN) will still be clamoring for Manziel. People can deny this all they like, they know it is the truth. Hoyer may be the starter but Manziel is our expected QB of the future. The electrifying “Johnny Football” who is drawing even former Dallas Cowboys fans to convert to Browns fans (Looking at you, Tyler, TX), is expected to start. Perhaps not week 1, or even week 17, but he’s expected to start sometime in the future and that is a burden Hoyer must bare. Manziel was drafted to lead the Browns and, regardless of Hoyer’s success, will be expected to do so sometime in the overall future.

Hoyer is truly in an un-winnable scenario.

If he wins, people will call for Manziel.

If he loses, people will be shouting for Manziel.

I, as a Clevelander and lifelong Browns fan, love Manziel. But in the same context, I think we should slow down. If Hoyer can bring this city wins, why rush Manziel? Both are great candidates and I say let the best man win. The Browns are finally in a scenario where they have a genuine opportunity to make some noise in the NFL, and for the first time ever we all can say the playoffs is a legitimate possibility. Manziel may be electrifying, but in my honest opinion let’s all enjoy the “Hometown Hero” that is Brian Hoyer. Both are passionate in what they do, but Hoyer has earned an opportunity to be a mainstay in the NFL. I say if he wins it, let him have it. Manziel will wait, and we  all will learn to as well.


After all, the one thing Cleveland is dying for most is a championship, and if somehow Hoyer can lead us there, why drag him down?

Go Browns.

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