What Will Tito Do With Kipnis?

Updated: August 8, 2017

What Can Kipnis Do To Help?

This season for the Indians has been one for the ages, but they have done most of the winning without key players in their lineup for the past couple of months. With Brantley’s ankle, Miller’s absence, and Kip’s injury, the tribe are just now getting their key players back at the perfect time. Getting all three players back will help this team greatly as they will try to dominate the postseason as they did a year ago. The main concern for Tito Francona is finding a fit for Kipnis to gel within the lineup as best as he can to insure the dominance to continue into the Playoffs.

This season has been up and down for the Indians’ second basemen. Filled with hitting slumps and injuries, Kip has seemed to not fit well and sort of be a sickness to this team. He finally went to full rehab for his injury and has just come back about two weeks ago. Since returning to the lineup on September 17th, Jason has hit 9-for-33 with just 1 home run and 5 RBI. Tito has tried to fit Kip in anyway he possibly can, an example being trying to send the second basemen to Centerfield for a little while, just as he did for Lonnie Chisenhall a few weeks back.

If the Indians wanted to go for the best offensive production in the postseason, the right move would be to move Kip back to second and move the MVP candidate, Jose Ramirez back to his traditional position at third. Let’s say Tito wants a perfect defensive performance for his Ace Kluber. That’s where they would put Urshela at third and Jose at second, leaving Kipnis on the bench for that game. Although Gio Urshela isn’t best known for his hitting, he has one of the flashiest gloves in the game of baseball with outstanding defensive performances every night. The last scenario could be to go with the offensive mindset to begin the game, and once a lead is built, then you can switch to a defensive unit as Tito had done during the Indians’ 22-game winning streak.

If the Indians can’t find a spot in the lineup for Kip, they can always have him on the bench just in case any devastating injuries happened to one of the top 9. Cleveland knows well after last year with all the injuries, it is extremely important to have a deep team. That same mindset needs to be not only with the infield but the entire team, the “next man up” vision in their heads. That is one of the key factors which led them to a World Series appearance just a year ago. Although a difficult circumstance, i have full faith in Tito to figure it all out. Get ready for a hopefully long and successful October Cleveland!



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