February 26, 2024

The Contract Saga of Francisco Lindor: And What it is Doing to Tribe Fans


The on-going saga that is the contract situation of Indians superstar Francisco Lindor and the owner continues to give Tribe Nation anxiety and rightfully so. Indians fans have had the unfortunate misfortunes of seeing players such as Albert Belle, Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome leave the Tribe and pursue teams that were willing to pay them more. Now, Indians fans are starting to fear the worst when it comes to Lindor. Last offseason, fans became irate when Tribe owner Paul Dolan made a comment about Lindor and regarding his future tenure with the team with a statement, “Enjoy him.”

During this past off-season, Lindor signed a one-year 17.5-million-dollar deal to avoid arbitration. Lindor was the biggest name in the trade rumors that consisted of teams such as Boston Red Sox, LA Dodgers and even the Cincinnati Reds. Rumor has it that the Indians did not see a deal that was worth trading Lindor. With that being said, fans have been arguing all over social media regarding Lindor and his contract and if he will get a long-term deal with the Tribe or like many superstars before him will walk to go somewhere else for more money.

Let’s see what a few members of Tribe Nation have to say about Lindor’s situation…..

“I’ve got to think there’s money in there to sign Lindor to an appropriate extension. Whether there’s enough to field a competitive team around him, I’m not sure and that definitely matters.” – Jason K.

“I would love to see the Tribe sign Lindor, but one has to be realistic. He wants a max contract in the area of 400 million. I’m tired of all the garbage about the Dolan’s being cheap. No small market team can afford to pay one player that kind of money. If they did, it would cripple the team.” – David H.

“As much as I would love to see Lindor remain an Indian, I know we can’t afford him. I believe if he hits free agency, he will become one of the highest-paid players in the league.” – Bryan H.

Final Take:

Many Tribe fans out there are holding out hope that the Dolan’s and Lindor can come to an agreement and keep the superstar. Lindor has stated that he wants to stay in Cleveland and bring a championship to the city and has been on record for saying that on numerous occasions. What’s killing me is not knowing what the year(s) and the dollar amount that Lindor is looking to receive.

A few years ago, Lindor turned down a 100-million-dollar offer. In my opinion, if I was the ownership I would offer Lindor fewer years but more money to put his salary around 30 million a year. For example, seven years, 210 million or six years, 180 million. Most of the top players in the league are making around or just above 30 million a year. Lindor and Dolan must be able to find a happy medium. If not, Tribe fans will yet again have to witness another superstar walk out the door and into a different uniform.

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