The Cleveland Cavaliers are Finally Back in the Playoffs


For the first since the 2017-2018 NBA basketball season, the Cleveland Cavaliers have made it back to the postseason. This is also the first time the Cavs have made the playoffs without having Lebron in two decades. The first round is against the New York Knicks and this will be a good series.

The Knicks finished in the 5th seed of the Eastern Conference giving the Cavs home-field advantage for this round. This year feels much different because this will not be a walk in the park. The Cavs are a young team and have the pieces they need, but this will be a tough series against a good team.

My expectations going into this season were at the least, the Cavs could take care of the first round. Well, we are finally here and we must take care of the first round. The Knicks have been tough on the Cavs this season, but when the playoffs come along, anything is possible. The Cavs have an advantage for this season, considering they have home-field court throughout this series.

For this series, Cavs fans have to take it one game at a time. This is not like the past when they would have a guaranteed series over the Indiana Pacers. This team is different but also a fun group to watch. Do I think the Cavs will win the championship this year? Well, it’s going to be tough. But we are young and this experience will give this team something to work for in the future.

Overall, I am very excited for game 1 this Saturday and for the Cavs to finally be back in the playoffs. Whatever the outcome is, I am proud to say that our Cleveland Cavaliers have made it back to the postseason. Let’s Go Cavs!!!

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