The Cleveland Browns Soap Opera Week: Mayfield And Team Feud

Have you had enough? Are you exhausted from this past week of trying to follow all of the latest on your favorite Cleveland Browns team? The team certainly continues to make headlines as their week was just a bit dramatic. I can’t figure out as a lifelong fan, why the team’s organizational brass had to go down the path they did his past week with their rather public pursuit of Deshaun Watson, the Houston Texans quarterback and in the end, making their current quarterback Baker Mayfield request a trade because he’s angry because of it?

I mean “the Browns are the Browns” and this type of activity isn’t out of context when you look at a franchise that is muddled up in making poor decisions time and time again. You just figured that this group of very analytical and behind-the-scenes leaders of the team would or could have pursued their actions more quietly.

Was it a tactical decision because they knew that Mayfield would become angered. Did they know he’d request a trade? With the trade demand, the team then responded back by saying “no”.

Does any of this make sense? To the casual fan, no it does not. If your employer goes out of their way to publicly say, “Hey, you’re not good enough at your job so we’re going to find someone better.” wouldn’t you in turn as the employed want to not be there anymore and do the same thing as Mayfield?

Those that are more invested in following the team, might say at this point, well the NFL is a business, and Mayfield doesn’t have any say in the matter because he’s in contract with the Browns, his employer, and should just grow up.

There are times, whereas a fan of the Browns, I’d wish Mayfield would have handled a situation a little differently or acted maybe in a more mature manner. Obviously, at this point, the Browns organization must have the same feelings because they are seeking someone else to fill the quarterback position.

It’s simply perplexing, however, that the team went about this week in such a public manner and then have since tried telling Mayfield to sit back down in the back of the classroom and not make a scene.

When there were reports of the Browns personnel saying the team was looking for someone that acting more “like an adult”, it would be wise if those same personnel would do the same. Browns fans are loyal and forgiving but this past week has really shaken many of us.

The team going after a quarterback in Watson, who’s sat out this past season because off the field issues, shouldn’t be leaking out that their current quarterback isn’t grown up enough when in fact the player they are wanting to replace him has so many personal and immature issues himself.

So, who’s going to budge first? Who knows? But, there needs to be some resolution to this matter, or fans of the team will not be there with their loyalty like they have in the past. The soap operas need to stop. It certainly has been a week to forget. Hopefully, everyone can get their act together.

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