There has to be more to this, right?

Apparently, Buckeye defensive end Chase Young accepted a loan to get his girlfriend to the Rose Bowl and then paid it back. For that, he got suspended four games.


“Young leads the FBS with 13.5 sacks and is tied for second with 15.5 tackles for loss.

He tied Ohio State’s single-game records for sacks (four) and tackles for loss (five) in the Buckeyes’ last game, a 38-7 win over Wisconsin on Oct. 26. He needs a half-sack to tie Vernon Gholston’s single-season team record set in 2007.”

I believe that it is un-American and similar to indentured servitude that these players are not allowed to make money off of their own names.

Yes, I understand the argument that they get scholarships, housing, dorms and meals. I don’t think that should mean they should be banned from making money.

After all, the school makes millions on these players through tickets, TV contracts, apparel and more.

I find it ridiculous that Young is sitting out four games let alone even just one. All he wanted was his girl to get to see him play in a bowl game.

Wouldn’t you?

My fear is that there is something more to this that hasn’t been reported publically yet. However, if it is simply money for a plane ticket that was already paid back; that is crazy.

No, players shouldn’t be paid to play in college with say a contract. However, if the player is able to make money because of his name or likeness, there is no reason for that to be an issue.

If I were Chase Young, I would not play again for the NCAA and just declare for the NFL Draft and make millions as a professional athlete. Give them a big middle finger and thrive in the big leagues!

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