The Cavs Turn It Around Against Orlando and Washington


Was getting embarrassed in consecutive nights by Washington and Toronto exactly what this team needed? It might have been. LeBron called the Cavs fragile after the game and said they needed to grow as a team. They responded by beating the Magic 106-74 and followed it up with a 113-87 thrashing of the Wizards. So what’s been the difference in these last two games?

The Cavs have played significantly better in every aspect of the game, especially defense. They held the Magic to 36% shooting from the floor and forced 17 turnovers. The Cavs had another outstanding defensive performance against the Wizards where they forced 18 turnovers and held John Wall to 6 points. If the Cavs can play defense like this all year they’ll be nearly unbeatable. Yes, the defense isn’t perfect, but they can win games playing like this.

Their ball movement has improved significantly in these last two games. During the 4 game losing streak, the ball never seemed to move on offense. Now all 5 players are getting involved. Kevin Love had a great game Wednesday night against the Wizards, where he went 7/10 from the floor with 21 points. The good news is still hasn’t hit his stride. LeBron is beginning to find the right balance between being aggressive while still sharing the ball. The bench has also played a big role. Waiters and Thompson combined for 25 points off the bench in Wednesday night’s win. It’s up to Waiters and Thompson to lead this unproven second unit.

The Cavs have also shown us that they can win with this core. LeBron, Irving, Love, Waiters, and Thompson have the potential to dominate the Eastern Conference for at least the next 5 years if they stay together. The Cavs have obvious holes on this team, but they are starting to prove that they don’t necessarily need to trade someone to be a legitimate contender. We have the luxury of waiting to add a rim protector, we don’t need to do it immediately.

The Cavs have learned that this won’t be easy. They have to keep coming out with the attitude that nothing is handed to them. Everything has to be earned. We’ll see if the Cavs can keep the momentum going. They certainly have the talent to do so. Any team can look good in spurts; let’s see if they can finally be consistent.


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