When I heard the Cavs signed assistant coach DeMarre Carroll, it brought back the memories of all the years the Cavs would destroy teams like the Atlanta Hawks in the playoffs when LeBron James was in Cleveland. Man, that was fun going to watch parties and enjoying victory…

After all, this new coach is now only 37 years of age and is not far removed. He did spend a year in ’22-’23 with the Bucks as an assistant and last season with the Lakers as one as well. So it’s not his first rodeo in a suit and tie either.

As a player since 2009, Carroll spent time with the Grizzles (’09-’11), Rockets (’11), Nuggets (’11-’12), Jazz (’12-’13), Hawks (’13-’15), Raptors (’15-’17), Nets (’17-’19), Spurs (’19-’20) and finally with the Rockets in 2020. 11 years in total!

Well, the man certainly knows the league and is well-traveled. That’s for sure. It’s good for the Cavs honestly…

For his career, Carroll averaged 8.9 points, 4.2 rebounds and 1.3 assists. This being as a mostly rough-and-tough role player. He wasn’t any type of superstar or anything. We Cavs fans saw that in dominated the teams he was a part of over the years.

This is a helpful hire for head coach Kenny Atkinson‘s new staff and is certainly a basketball mind the can contribute in the locker room and on the bench during games.

My biggest thing to look for is if Carroll can help with the development of PF Evan Mobley. Maybe working with him during practices and such on improving those skills we all yearn for now.

I’m a big, “the players play” kind of guy. However, having an assistant coach that was a former player I believe does help with not just the ability to coach but also the locker room as a whole. These guys respect Carroll because of his time in the league all of those years.

I’m sure that many even played against him themselves! They have to look back at the tapes like Apollo did with Rocky. Slip the Jab! I mean…uh…slip the defender and score!

As Atkinson continues to fill his staff and the Cavs re-signed Donovan Mitchell, it’ll be exciting to see how this new era of Cleveland Basketball is played. With guys like Carroll on the roster, it’s going to be tough to score against them.

I Hope everyone had a Great Independence Day and we here at Cleveland Sports Talk thank all of those that fight from our freedom! Especially in losing lives for our freedom to write articles like this one.

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