February 27, 2024

The Cavs Post-LeBron Future Begins Friday


Collin Sexton

The Cavs selected Collin Sexton with the 8th overall pick in the draft. The Cavs picked the Alabama basketball star to be the replacement for Kyrie Irving. Sexton tried his best to recruit LeBron to stay on draft night, letting James know he wants to play alongside him, but it came with to no avail.

With Collin Sexton, there is plenty to be both excited and worried about. His competitiveness, drive and desire to win are his biggest strengths. There’s no denying that he loves basketball and believes he can be the best on the court at any given time. He will go up against anybody and everybody without wavering.

While intangibles are important to have in a future star, his strengths as an actual basketball player are what can also leave you worried about his future.

He’s a scoring guard who attacks the rim in transition and off the pick and roll. Sexton’s a decent shooter, but his first look is to drive. His passing ability is where he needs the most work. At the combine, he came in at 6’1.5 with shoes, which is somewhat on the small side for a guard with his play style. He served as an excellent defender in college, but it will be tough for his defensive abilities to translate in the NBA as a smaller guard. He’s extremely athletic with a 6’6″ wingspan, so there’s at least some hope Sexton will be able to at least hold his own on defense.

It’s always so hard as a fan to not buy into what you’re seeing early in a young player, especially since Sexton has such enormous shoes to fill. I expect Sexton’s summer league debut to be inconsistent, which is expected for a young player in his first stint as a pro. We will see his athletic flashes as well as his deficiencies. If he plays with the same intensity as we saw at Alabama, which I have absolutely no doubts about that, we should leave the summer league excited for what he will bring to the team.

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