The Cavs Aren’t Making Moves and That’s OK!

Updated: July 2, 2017

What a month in the NBA! Well, for just about everyone except the Cavs that is.

People have been bashing the Cavs since the draft last week for not making moves. The Cavs had no draft picks and did not make any moves on draft night although it seemed like they were close to acquiring LaMarcus Aldridge and Danny Green from the San Antonio Spurs.

One of their big targets before the draft was Jimmy Butler, but he was snatched away from the Cavs right before the draft when the Minnesota Timberwolves traded their younger players for Butler.

The Cavs also have made noise about acquiring Paul George, but they never got to the final stage and Oklahoma City took George while no one was looking.

There’s also the yearly Dwyane Wade rumors that surface for no reason. Wade opted into his contract with the Bulls and the only way they’ll obtain him is through a Chicago Bulls buyout which they have stated won’t happen unless it’s beneficial to them.

The one move that the Cavs could make is with Carmelo Anthony. Anthony is currently in one of the biggest dumpster fires in professional sports, the New York Knicks. Melo has expressed intense displeasure with the team and he has the slim chance of being bought out. Apparently, if he is bought out, he would head to Cleveland.

The Cavs have yet to make noise during the off-season this year, but don’t let that make you second guess the team; the Cavs make their noise in February at the deadline anyway. It’s also a good thing to mention that it seems the competition in the East becomes easier and easier as we go along, Paul George abandoned the Pacers and it seems like the Celtics can’t pull the trigger on anything. Kyle Lowry announced he’s coming back to the Raptors, but he should also announce that he can’t beat the Cavs.

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