The Cavs Are Now An Embarrassment


I can’t believe this very same Cleveland Cavaliers team beat the Brooklyn Nets not once but twice in a row. Those Nets just beat the Sacramento Kings by hitting 27 threes, a franchise record. They’re a pretty great team…

These days, the Cavs are in a bit of a funk. Okay, let’s not sugar-coat it. This is an embarrassment. The team has lost eight-straight games including all five on this most recent West Coast trip. Currently, the Wine & Gold sport a record of 10-19.

Now, let’s take a look in the mirror for a second. I wasn’t expecting this squad to contend for a title or anything of that nature. This was clearly a year to build up the team for future seasons. However, starting the season with a 10-11 record had the Cavs in the playoff hunt for a lower seed in the Eastern Conference.

Currently, only the Detroit Pistons and Washington Wizards have a worse record in the conference.

Amidst the struggles of this team is the fact big man Andre Drummond has been benched as the front office looks for a trade partner. Someone said that Drummond could score 20 points and grab 20 rebounds and have no actual impact on the game. That analysis is the truth, unfortunately. It will be interesting to see if the Cavs are able to get anything in return for Drummond before the March 25 trade deadline.

It is understandable to not want a trade asset to get hurt by playing. However, it certainly becomes a distraction for a team that doesn’t need any more of them. Just look at these final scores…

These aren’t just losses.

The Cavs are getting absolutely destroyed each and every game. Yes, a loss by 30 points or a single point counts for the same in the standings. However, this team is losing its dignity and respect around the league and amongst its fans.

So what now?

Well, the team’s game against San Antonio has been postponed. I had to make this joke on our Twitter:

Gosh, why am I so funny?

Once the team returns home from this dreadful trip, the next three games are against Oklahoma City (under .500 record), Atlanta (under .500 record) and Houston (under .500 record). It is a small stretch of games where this club can reset and become watchable again on the home floor.

The best part about these games is they start at a reasonable hour. A 10 p.m. start time was fun when the team was contending for a title. Not anymore…

Let’s get back to winning games, or at least not losing by 30+…


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