The Cavaliers Need to Make A Big Splash


Mark Jackson

The Cavs Need To Make a Big Splash

The Cleveland Cavaliers need to land a big name coach, and they need to make the absolute correct pick at #1 in the coming NBA draft. The pressure is on Cavs management more than ever. Since LeBron left, the franchise has been in shambles. Now the Cavs have an opportunity to again draft #1, which would be the third time in 4 years. That stat alone is remarkable. So far it seems that Kyrie was a great pick, at least in terms of talent. However, I know it’s early, but Anthony Bennett will be one of the biggest busts in NBA history. This puts a lot of pressure on the Cavs front office to get this year’s pick correct. Missing on this pick would put the Cavs at 1 for 3 on drafting #1. That would be another black eye on the franchise.

The Cavaliers also have another gap to fill: The Head Coach. They shouldn’t need a new head coach, because the “right” coach should have been hired last year. Instead the Cavs re-hired Mike Brown two seasons after they had fired him. We all know how that worked out. The Cavs are in the lottery…AGAIN…and they now need a new coach. The good news is; it can’t get much worse for the Cavaliers. The bar has been set with a revolving door of head coaches and D-league talent. It really can only go up from here…right?

This situation with the Cavaliers has the likely possibility of getting better, but the front office can make this even worse with the wrong pick and the wrong coach. If the Cavs draft another bust, the franchise may never recover. I think the choice is clear at #1. The Cavs need Wiggins or Parker. I am tired of people chanting for Joel Embiid. A 7’0 Center with back problems does not win championships. People can argue all they want, but the last “dominant” center to win an NBA title was Shaq in 2006.

Dwight Howard is currently the most dominant center in the league, how many titles has he won? The answer is Zero. When I look at Embiid, I do not see Dwight Howard. So, if the best center is the league cannot win titles, what makes people think a player less talented at center will win a title? The Cavs need to make the safe and correct pick, and choose Wiggins or Parker.

The “right” head coach is the next hole to be filled. The Cavs haven’t had a good head coach in as long as I can remember. I never thought Mike Brown was a good coach, he always had LeBron James. There was no offensive scheme under Brown; it was “give the ball to LeBron.” We all saw how well that worked out. Byron Scott was terrible for the Cavs, as was Paul Silas in the early LeBron years. This team needs a big name coach with a big time resume. The Cavaliers have interviewed Alvin Gentry, Tyronn Lue, Lionel Hollins, Vinny Del Negro, Adrian Griffin and former Cavs star Mark Price. There isn’t a name on this list that excites me. Some people are calling for Mark Price, but his resume is bleak to say the least. He hasn’t coached anywhere significant, except for his most recent assistant role in Charlotte. I would love Mark Price as an assistant on this team. Kyrie and Dion could learn a lot about shooting from Price. I just don’t think he is the head coach that this team needs.

Rumors began earlier this week that the Cavaliers have reached out to Mark Jackson. This is a decision that I can get behind. Mark Jackson led the Golden State Warriors to the playoffs in 2 of his 3 seasons as the Head Coach. He was reportedly fired for his difference of opinions with the front office. He had a young superstar in Stephen Curry that flourished under his system. The Cavs have their own superstar in Kyrie Irving, who would benefit greatly from Jackson’s influence. Now, imagine Mark Price helping Kyrie with his jump shot. I just got excited.

The Cavaliers have a chance to become relevant very quickly. With the “right” picks, the “right” free agents, and the “right” Head Coach, the last 3 years can be erased from our memories. The Cavs can get back to the top of the very weak Eastern Conference this season, but the Cavaliers need to make a big splash and they need to do it right now. No pressure Dan, but the time for redemption upon us.

Written By Rick Giavonette

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