I can already feel all the hate I’m going to get for writing this, but Isaiah Crowell needs to remain a Cleveland Brown through at least the 2018 season. Hear me out on this topic.

Isaiah was originally signed as an undrafted free agent back in 2014. He then went on to have a pretty decent rookie season having a total of 607 yards on 146 attempts for eight touchdowns, which is his career-high. In  2015, he had another decent season posting 706 yards on 185 attempts for four TDs. His 2016 season was his big break out season. He rushed for 952 yards on only 198 carries while scoring seven touchdowns.

This year, he did seem to take a step back, but personally, I believe it is because of Hue Jackson’s awful play calling and misuse of Crowell. He finished the season with 853 yards on 206 carries, his career high for carries. Those are by no means terrible numbers, but with only two touchdowns, they’re not the best. Crowell has a career yards per carry average of 4.2, which is not too bad. Compared to the running backs drafted only Devonta Freeman has a higher YPC and he is sitting at 4.3 just barely above Crowell. Statistically, he is a pretty darn good running back. I feel like there is a lot of misdirected hate towards him, however, and it all goes back to Hue Jackson.

One topic all Browns fans can agree on is that Hue’s play calling this year was absolutely horrendous. Whether it was that debacle that was the Packers game or the end of the first half against the Lions, Hue had called running plays when he should’ve called pass plays and pass plays when he should’ve dialed up more rushes. It doesn’t take a NFL coach to realize when you should run the ball and when you should pass.

For example, if your running back has 72 yards on five carries, it would probably be a smart idea to keep running the ball instead of giving him no carries in the second half. Isaiah deserves one year where he actually gets a good crack at it. He has been so misused that it is to the point where it’s annoying. Instead of letting him average under 13 carries per game, let’s see what he can do at a decent number for a running back, like 16, or 18. Hue said how it was his mistake how Isaiah was not utilized more in 2016, so how does he go about fixing his so-called “mistake?” Of course, by giving him an impressive eight more carries this season.

Seems like Hue really learns from his mistakes.

My biggest fear is if we let him walk, he’ll go to a big rival and tear it up. He would actually do amazing in Baltimore. They don’t really have a premier running back, but have a solid offensive line. They also really lack a passing game. I’m afraid that he’ll be torching our defense for many years to come if we do let him walk. I believe that with one more year Crowell has a decent shot to show us what he’s got. He’ll show us why he’s going to be the future of the Browns.

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