April 19, 2024

The Browns’ Stock is Dipping, but How Low is it Going to Go?


In a 26-22 loss against the Steelers, the Browns suffered the first loss of the season. But there were many more losses in that game than just the game loss. I’ll talk about all the things we lost here and how low the stock of the Browns may go.

The biggest cause for a dip in the stock is the loss of Nick Chubb. After a low blow by Minkah Fitzpatrick, Nick Chubb’s knee was basically snapped in half. Every ligament in his knee was either strained, damaged, or torn, which is really bad. Just to add insult to injury, the knee Chubb injured was the same one he hurt back in 2015. In a game where you suffer from repeated car crashes against your body, having the same place of your body being hurt that severely twice is a recipe for disaster. We obviously don’t want to think about this, but this injury may be a career-ending injury. 

Another large dip in the stock of the Browns was Deshaun Watson’t really a poor game. Deshaun started the game with a pick-six, though it wasn’t his fault because Harrison Bryant dropped the ball and it resulted in a pick. But as the game continued Watson continued to look bad, missing deep balls to players such as Marquise Goodwin by 8-15 yards. I was joking Watson was throwing the ball to a different zip code of the receiver, but it was true. Watson couldn’t hit a throw to save his life and is now the second-to-last QB in terms of completion percentage. Oh yeah and somehow, Deshaun Watson garnered not one but TWO facemask penalties in the game. I have never seen a QB get a single facemask in general, and two just sounds unheard of. These weren’t minor grabs either, Watson was flinging players down onto the turf in both cases.

The offensive line looked really bad as well in that game. In a game where we all thought things just couldn’t get worse, they did. Our LT couldn’t block a middle school edge, and certainly couldn’t block T.J. Watt. While it is a tad bit unfair because he was facing the 2021 DPOY, he still couldn’t hold a block. That resulted in a fumble by Watson which led to a scoop-and-score by Watt, which ended up being the winning TD. The line was really good when they were blocking for Chubb too.

Now for the good side of the game, the defense looked really good. Our DBs were picking Pickett off a whole bunch, and the D-line looked pretty good. Of course, Kenny Pickett isn’t very good, nor is the Steelers O-line, but the defense looked solid. As a Browns fan, you must find these things to root for. The defense looked really good, and if you remove the 14 points committed by the pick-six and scoop-and-score the defense only allowed 12 points and 255 total yards. 

So even through all the muck and everything bad that happened, there still were bright spots on the team. The Browns’ stock has dipped low, and the Watson trade is looking worse and worse, but I don’t think the Browns are going to dip too low. I think the Browns aren’t going to go 11-6 or 10-7 as we thought, but an 8-9 season or 9-8 season are still possible. Week 3 is going to be important, to see how this team can recover from such a bad game.

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