The Browns Should Trade for Odell: Here’s Why

Most football fans watched Thursday night watch as the defending champion Eagles pummeled the Giants, 34-13. Viewers also watch another Odell Beckham Jr. sideline meltdown. It’s no secret the Giants are and will be on the verge of a rebuild. They did draft rookie stud, Saquon Barkley, and they did recently sign Beckham to a contract. Beckham is a loose cannon and I do see the Giants willing to trade him if the offer is right. Many fans in Cleveland would say ‘pump the brakes’ on the idea of trading for Beckham for many reasons but hear me out on this one.

First off, the Browns do have the ammunition to trade for Beckham and have the cap space to do so. A lot of fans will say “we need that 6’4” prototypical wide-out for the red zone.” That’s understandable, but what Odell brings to the table is just as valuable. Odell would be a great fit for the Browns for several reasons:

  1. His relationship with Jarvis Landry. Both Landry and Beckham went to LSU.
  2. This past off-season, there were stories of Beckham training with Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku and Duke Johnson in Los Angeles. Just saying…
  3. Odell gives Baker another WR with the uncertainty of the injury to Rashard Higgins.
  4. Odell also gives the Browns another weapon and game-breaker.
  5. The Browns are in the thick of the AFC North race and with four games left against PIT, CIN, Bal with three of those games on the road still to be played, bringing Odell helps their chances.
  6. This may be the lame reason, but it has the meaning. The Browns have been about the culture change, bringing in someone with the fire and love for the game that Odell has, helps build the morale of the team
  7. My final argument to this debate on whether or not the Browns should trade for Beckham is this. The Browns have forced 15 turnovers on defense and that leads the NFL. They have also only scored 24 points off those turnovers and that ranks 11th. This team is gaining momentum. But their schedule is only going to get tougher down the stretch. This team has not made the playoffs since the 2002-03 season; I was a freshman in high school. Is it really bad to add a playmaker like Odell to a team that is really one weapon away from being a dangerous offense? I’ll let you be the judge of that.

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