February 27, 2024

The receiver core is one of the brightest spots on the Browns and they are great. They have talent, veterans, young talent and a QB capable of harnessing the best out of these people. They proved they can be great with Brissett, so imagine how good they are going to be with a full Watson season.

We can’t say anything about the core without bringing up the number one receiver on the core, Amari Cooper. Though Cooper is starting to age a little, he still had a thousand-yard season last year. Amari has only not had a thousand-yard season four times but has had six thousand-yard seasons. He clearly is incredible and his link with Watson is only going to continue to grow.

The two and three, Moore and DPJ, are almost as good. Moore is a great player, but he hasn’t had the best stats. The only reason Moore’s stats aren’t very good is that before this year, the Jets QBs have been awful. DPJ played amazing last year and he looked like a future number one receiver. His bond with Watson is only going to continue to grow and I think he is going to be amazing. Moore is going to get some time with Watson in training camp and I think he’ll be awesome.

DJ Moore

The fourth is a rookie, Cedric Tillman. I’ll be honest, I was disappointed when the Browns drafted Tillman in the third. But after I watched some film after it had ended, I realized how awesome he is. Tillman is a massive guy, who can just shove around the cornerback around him. He is very strong and can jump great, but he is very fast as well. Tillman is a rookie, so be patient with him and understand if he doesn’t go for 1200 yards and 10 TDs. 

Don’t forget about David Njoku, the tight end. Njoku said to the media last year that he wanted to become the next “Mahomes and Kelce” with Watson. Clearly, he wants to be great and bond with Watson and we already saw that last year. Njoku was great last year, and I expect him to be even better with a full Watson season. Even if he only replicates the season he had last year, that will still be great.


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