February 26, 2024

Well, the Browns are banning a fan from hitting owner Jimmy Haslam with a water bottle. The accuracy to hit the owner with the bottle should be taken into account compared to how quarterback Jacoby Brissett has thrown the ball.

I say the Browns should make this fan the new quarterback of the team instead of banning him for life. Someone who actually has accuracy throwing things.


Of course, I’m joking.

This is from a team spokesperson:

“Fan, player and staff safety is the top priority in our building and behavior that puts others in danger will not be tolerated. Luckily no one was harmed in this incident and as a standard practice, we’ve cooperated with law enforcement authorities and security video footage of the object being thrown is in the appropriate hands. We will have no further comment on this matter.

This fan should know better than to act in such a way. Enjoy watching the team blow double-digit leads from home.

Update: The fan has been arrested. I personally think that arresting is ridiculous. He didn’t shoot him or something like that…



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