FirstEnergy Stadium is in a bit of trouble. Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder was arrested because of a major scheme of around 60 million dollars. The stock price of the company went way down on Wednesday morning. Read this from Yahoo:

“Four political consultants with ties to Householder were also arrested and charged with complicity in the scheme. Prosecutors said the co-conspirators routed money provided by FirstEnergy to Generation Now through a network of dark money groups and political consulting firms in order ‘to hide that the money was coming from Generation Now.’”


The Cleveland Browns may have to find a new stadium name and sponsor because of this dirty money scheme happening within the state and amongst its leaders. It is certainly a bad look to have a company participating in this type of activity and also representing such an important part of the City of Cleveland in its football team.

This is some unfortunate news simply because the Browns do not need any more distractions with the current state of the world and the Covid-19 virus. However, keeping that company as the sponsor would be very bad for Cleveland.

The stadium name used to be just, “Cleveland Browns Stadium.” The team itself usually was a bad representation of the name. However, that was not with any dirty money involved. If no other company is willing to take the lead as a sponsor moving forward, the front office and owners could always change it back to that for next season while continuing a search. It is likely though that many companies in the area would jump at the opportunity to be the lead sponsor for the Browns. Cleveland does define itself by the football team, for however mediocre it has been over the years.

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