The Browns’ Looming Quarterback Competition

It’s May.

The NFL Draft is becoming a distant memory. Honestly, I don’t even remember the numbers of the latter round picks the Browns entered the draft with anymore. It’s a time to watch the Cavaliers in the playoffs and catch up on the Indians after we all put so much time and effort into mock drafts and arguing quarterbacks on Twitter. Yet, it’s tough to stop thinking about this Browns team and all the added talent.

The Browns roster has been upgraded at nearly every position. There is one position, however, that has us all dreaming and especially anxious for the cool fall days that mean football season. That, of course, is the quarterback. The Browns have turned this room completely over. They arguably have two signal-callers who are better than anyone they’ve had since Derek Anderson had one break-out season in 2007. The question facing the Browns now is how to handle this situation properly.

The uniqueness of the situation needs to be understood first. This isn’t DeShone Kizer, a mid-second round pick, winning a battle against a cast-off Brock Osweiler and an unproven Cody Kessler. This team has Tyrod Taylor who took the Bills to the playoffs last season. Forget about the benching. That was just poor coaching. The Browns also have Baker Mayfield, the first overall pick in the draft.

You don’t have options like this all the time.

The Browns have to be smart with their quarterback room. They need a definite strategy and they need to stick to it. The Browns coaching staff is in a position that none of us are in. They know what they have in Baker Mayfield. They know how hard he’s working, how well he knows the playbook, how he’s progressing at taking snaps under center, how mature he is and when they feel he’ll be ready. They know about Tyrod Taylor, too. They have a feel for his ceiling. They know what he can do in Todd Haley’s offense and they have an idea of how long they want to roll with him.

The key to all of this is to stick to the plan. Past Browns regimes have destroyed many promising QB prospects by mishandling them. This franchise must stay the course. They can’t cave to public pressure to play Mayfield before they feel they should.

The fans don’t know when a guy’s ready.

As fans, we need to let this play out. We’re all excited about the talent added to this team. We all see the possibilities. The thing is we want Baker to be taking snaps for a long, long time. It’s in everyone’s best interest to let the team make these decisions. Let’s trust this team just like we’ve been trusting Dorsey to assemble it properly. Good times are on the way, we just need to have patience a little longer.

Image: ESPN

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