The Browns’ Long Shot & Then Some to Make the Playoffs HERE


So you’re saying there’s a chance? What?

I was reading an article on cle dot com by Dan Labbe that went through the various scenarios that could put the Browns in the playoffs. I have to admit that it was very confusing and there were tons of ins and out that needed to be taken into account.

With 14 games played in the season, the Browns are currently 6-8 after a win over the Baltimore Ravens. The team is in 3rd place in the AFC North with a tiebreaker lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers also sporting a 6-8 record because the  dawgs beat the Steelers in Week 3, 29-17. 

The Cincinnati Bengals are 10-4 and the Baltimore Ravens are 9-5. Thus, winning the division doesn’t look like it’s happening this year. Also, that one of those two teams will still make the playoffs as a wild card team over the Browns in the AFC North.

Now, let’s shift gears and look at the AFC Wild Card Standings. Just remember that three teams in the AFC make the playoffs as wild card teams to make it six total teams in each conference. Right now, that would be the Baltimore Ravens, Los Angeles Chargers and the Miami Dolphins. Those three teams would face off against Tennesse Titans, Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs each winners of their respective divisions.

Take a look at this graphic:

Those are the teams that would be out if the playoffs started today, but still have a slim chance with the remaining games in the season.

The Browns need the New England Patriots, New York Jets, Jacksonville Jaguars and  Los Angeles Raiders to lose out or close to it the rest of the season. The Browns would obviously have to win out to sneak in that last wild card spot.

Cleveland plays against the New Orleans Saints (5-9) at home, in Washington against the Commanders (7-6-1) and finally against the Steelers (6-8) to end it in Pittsburgh. All “winnable” games…

There were certainly contests this season the Browns should’ve won that they blew and now looking back it goes to show just how detrimental those L’s are for a the team that is clawing at a slim, slim, chance to reach the playoffs because of the losses early on.

This year was already an uphill battle, to begin with, because of the quarterback DeShaun Watson 11-game suspension and everything that came with it. Sure, quarterback Jacoby Brissett held his own, but it just wasn’t the same.

Yeah, I look forward to next year with a quarterback ready to go for the entire season. I believe this team has the talent to reach the playoffs and then some. It just all has to all come together.

Hopefully, the Browns will be able to add a few more pieces this offseason to build upon what they already have and get ready to tussle with the best of them in 2023.

IF the team makes it into the playoffs, I will jump in the lake that is behind my house. You can count on that much 🙂

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