The Browns Finally Won a Draft

Round Four:

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The Browns also kicked off Saturday with the first pick in the 4th round.  They selected Wisconsin LB Joe Schobert.  Schobert does lack the strength to be a great NFL Linebacker but he has a nose for the football.  He can put up numbers in numeral statistical categories.  In two years as a starter at Wisconsin, he forced six fumbles, recovered three fumbles, defended 10 passes and added one interception.  Could be a very good special teamer as well.  Due to him being pegged as a second or third round talent could be a steal.

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The Browns then selected WR Ricardo Louis from Auburn.  At 6’2 215 pounds, Louis becomes a rarity in Cleveland, a receiver over 6-feet tall!  It is hard to really grade Louis because he had great combine scores but he played in an offense at Auburn that relied heavily on the run.  Louis adds receiver depth and with his high test scores and being in a pro style offense, he could pan out to be a decent receiver.

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The Browns then took Derrick Kindred, a Safety from TCU.  Kindred can lay the wood from the safety position.  He had eight interceptions over the last two seasons.  Kindred also is a great special teams player due to his ability to run down the field and hit.  The issue is tackling, he doesn’t wrap up the best and misses tackles more often that most would like.

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The Browns then took Seth Devalve, TE/WR, Princeton.  At 6’4 and 245 pounds, he has great size for someone catching the ball.  Has trouble at times reeling in and finishing the catch.

Adding depth to a depleted roster again is what the Browns went for in this round.

Schobert Grade: A-

Louis Grade: B

Kindred Grade: B-

Devalve Grade: C

Overall Round Grade: B


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