The Browns Finally Won a Draft

Wrapping it up:

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I absolutely love what the Browns did with their draft this year.  They did not take any guys with off the field issues or make any picks because it would be cool to do so (Manziel).  I love the depth at wide receiver that was added.  A blur of a receiver in Corey Coleman and then adding possession guys in Higgins and Payton.  The additions to the offensive and defensive lines were also important issues that were addressed.  The AFC North is won and lost in the trenches and the Browns added depth to both sides of the ball in that aspect with Ogbah, Nassib, Shon Coleman and Drango.  Adding linebacker depth in Schobert and Scooby Wright, where both could be great players was a great move by the front office.  A lot of projects were taken in this draft, but with the experience of the coaching staff that we have in place, I feel like these projects could potentially pan out in the end.

Overall Draft Grade: A

Ian Tumey


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