The Browns Final Video Countdown

Hey Cleveland Browns Nation! I had so much fun over the last three months counting down the days to the Browns and Kansas City Chiefs big week one matchup on Sunday. I didn’t even know what a TiK Tok was before I made my first back in June. Being able to make these short 30 second Browns videos with a bit of fun dancing music in the background made the experience worth partaking in!

We started these with 96 days left back in June. Little did i know that I’d be still doing them today, a day before the big game. I’ve tried to challenge my creative side of things by using some of those Tik Tok extras to jazz up the videos. I even tried my hand at singing in some and dancing in others!

It was a great opportunity and my wife Lara was a huge part in making most of these videos. My kids got involved too and that inspired me to keep going! We went on family vacations but we kept recording videos. I ran into Browns fans from Seattle to Maine and every little town in between!

Browns Nation is big, very big and I couldn’t be more proud of doing this fun activity every day over the last 96 days! So what’s next? Do you have any suggestions?!! Go Browns!

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