The Browns Draft Board to Pick 12

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The Browns undoubtedly began creating a draft board months ago. It probably changes on a daily basis. As free agency, the combine, pro days and player visits occur, the board may look dramatically different. With that said, this is a representation of what I believe it looks like right now. The Browns should simply have the players ranked according to overall talent with an eye on positional needs.

1. Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M – The consensus top player in the draft and probable number one selection.

2. Jonathan Allen, DL Alabama – If Allen should fall to 12 for any reason, may God have mercy on the souls of opposing quarterbacks.

3. Reuben Foster, LB Alabama – Foster Collins and Kirksey? Give me a break! That’s would be sick!







4. Malik Hooker, S Ohio State – The Browns hope that the surgery questions and missing the combine will translate to a fall to 12 for Hooker.

5. Jamal Adams, S LSU – Jamal Adams and Hooker are interchangeable here. Either would add much needed secondary help.

6. Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson – The Browns will hopefully resist the temptation to draft a QB at number one. If Watson or Trubisky fall to 12, they may not pass twice.






7. Mitch Trubisky, QB UNC  – The Browns have likely not decided who they like best at QB in this class.

8. Solomon Thomas, DE Stanford –  A second DE? This guy is simply too good to pass on. If he’s the top-rated player left at 12, they need to take him!

9. Mike Williams, WR Clemson – Another high pick on a WR? Don’t dismiss it. While isn’t the top need, a game-changer like Williams or Davis would make the team better. This is more likely if Pryor isn’t back






10. Corey Davis, WR Western Michigan – If you’re not familiar with Corey Davis, check him out. He may be better than Mike Williams.

11. Marshon Lattimore, CB Ohio State – Taking the best corner in the draft wouldn’t be a bad pick at 12, but the depth of this corner class putts Lattimore nearer to the bottom of this board.

12. Dalvin Cook, RB FSU – This is high for a RB, but Cook is looked at as the best in a strong RB class. The Browns have good backs, yet Cook might be the guy to transform the running game and give it instant respect.







The Browns really can’t go wrong with any of these players. Some of them may not fulfill as strong a need as others and some positions always come with risk. Free agency and further evaluation will play huge roles in changing this board in the coming weeks. Ultimately, the twelfth selection will be determined by who is left on this evolving Browns board.

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