December 2, 2023

What a weird and awful day it was for the Browns. Things start looking so good, yet in good old Cleveland fashion, it all had to crumble. Now while the events that have transpired aren’t detrimental to the Browns, it’s just depressing, but it’s just a part of being a Browns fan.

I never liked the Mychal Kendricks signing. I wrote in one previous article:, pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

“I don’t think that negativity is something that needs to be around this young impressionable team.”

I was onto something there. His comments and the way he had carried himself had been very concerning to me. That all being said, I was very upset when I found out that he had been indicted on charges of insider trading. It was pretty clear that it wasn’t going to be just a slight slap on the wrist. I knew it meant the end of his short tenure in Cleveland, and even worse, his career. While it seemed like Cleveland was just going to hold onto him until his trial, the exact opposite had happened and they ended up just straight cutting him.

It needed to be done.

He could face up to 25 years in prison. I think Cleveland realized that Mychal is facing jail time and there was just no way around it. Now, according to multiple reports, both The Browns and The NFL knew about this issue for a while, so i’m just curious as to why did they just waited until yesterday to cut him. However, it is a sad end to a story that had the potential to be amazing. I do wish him the best and hope that the sentencing is not too harsh. I would love to see him play again in the NFL in the near future.

The other incident really doesn’t have that much to do with the two players involved, but they kind of got all caught up in it. I won’t go too much into detail about the incident, but Rashard Higgins and David Njoku apparently had a girl over for the night, and while Higgins was out of the apartment and David was in his room, a third “friend,” snuck into where she was sleeping and raped her.

It appears to be pretty clear that neither Rashard or David were involved in this in any way. The Browns have said that Rashard informed the team immediately while both him and David had been very cooperative with the police. For right now it appears to be that both players are in no trouble at all, but it is still a weird situation and one that they should not have been caught up in either. It will be a story to watch out for in the coming days as more information may come out.

While it appears that Rashard and David will both have no issues, the same can’t be said for Mychal. It’s just sad that the Browns can never seem to avoid issues like this. It feels like the world just hates The Browns being great, but I’m still so excited to see what this team will do on the field. It is still lining up to be a great season for the Browns!

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