March 4, 2024

The Browns are Now 7-3, How Much Farther Can They Make it?


The Browns have moved to 7-3 on the season after the nail-biter win of the Steelers. They don’t have a too difficult schedule either, and so we are going to have to see how far they can go. They have faced their fair share of challenges, and have proved they can fight through. 

The upcoming three games aren’t going to be insanely difficult, but aren’t going to be any sort of a cakewalk. The next game is against the Broncos in Denver, and they have gone on a roll. This is going to be the second most difficult game, and I do think the Broncos have a chance. Yet, they still haven’t faced this defense and I do believe Jim Schwartz and this group will be able to shut down the Broncos offense for the Browns victory. The next game is against the Rams in Sofi, who haven’t been good all year. This shouldn’t be too tough, and I do think the defense and company will be able to cruise through. The final game of this three-game stretch is against the Jaguars back in Cleveland. I think this will be a very tough game, and that it will come down to the wire. Unfortunately, I do think the Browns offense isn’t going to do much against that Jags defense, and we’ll fall short of a victory. Even still, 9-4 isn’t anything we Browns fans are going to complain about.

After that, the Browns have an interesting final four games. The first game is against the Bears, who we all know are very bad. There is a very small chance that we lose to them, and I think something catastrophic would have to happen for us to drop a game like that. It is basically a free win, but then again the Cowboys thought that same thing against the Cardinals and looked where that got them. No win is free but other than maybe a game against Carolina this is as close as you can get. The next game is against the Texans, who have gotten very hot. We’ll have to see if that trend continues, but I do think they’ll pose a significant challenge. I think the Browns will fall just short though, and fall to the Texans on Christmas Eve. The next and second to last game is against the Jets, and they have been tragic. I see no way the Browns let Zach Wilson (if he still is starting) beat that defense, and so I don’t see this as any sort of a challenge. In the final week, the Browns are now 11-5 and may have a chance at the division title. 

In the final game of the season, the Browns are now 11-5 and are competing for a chance at the division title and a high seeding in the playoffs. Of course, if the Bengals could have remained competitive in this race it would have meant a lot more, but they weren’t. The Browns and that incredible #1 defense storm into the Bengals’ home, and whoop them so hard even their mothers can’t save them. At 12-5 and after watching the Ravens lose, the Browns clinch the division and in the process give hundreds of Browns fans chronic high blood pressure. 

The Browns have an incredible chance of doing something special, and I do believe it will happen. The schedule is quite easy, and I think if everything goes properly and we have no more major injuries, as well as keeping ourselves as a top 3 defense, the Browns will win the division. I never thought I’d be saying it, but I do think they can cement themselves as contenders.

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