Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

The Browns Are Back

This was more than just a regular season game. 

Are the Browns going to make the playoffs this year? Despite the fact that they are now one step closer with a 17-16 road win in Denver, probably not. It’ll take a lot of help from around the league. 

The Broncos had won the last 11 against the Browns and sported a 23-5 record overall in this matchup between the two teams. We all know the past and the difficult losses in the playoffs.

On Saturday night, the Browns played far from a perfect game, but they did just enough to win a gritty and spirited battle in the mile-high air. Led by rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield, whom is absolutely infectious, they won. 

Jabrill Peppers iced the cake with a sack right up the gut to end the game. What a great feeling that was!

What’s weird is as a Browns fan in my early 20’s, I did not have to endure the heartbreak of the late 80’s, but I feel that I have dealt with enough years of misery to be able to claim this win tonight as a big one. 

To think this team has won six games this season (with a chance to win eight) after going 0-16 and 1-31 in the last two years is actually incredible. Hitting on draft picks QB Baker Mayfield, CB Denzel Ward and RB Nick Chubb are setting this team up for a decade of success with a division on the decline in the AFC North.

LeBron James went to Los Angeles, the Indians are selling away any chance of winning, so this is the Browns’ city to take and they are doing their best job at doing it. 

The Dawgs will finish off this year with two divisional affairs. Even if they win both, they likely won’t make the playoffs. The fact that football in Cleveland matters in December except for seeing if a parade for losing is actually going to happen; it’s exhilarating. 

There is a type of electricity that stems from our starting quarterback that is growing and has the potential to be bigger than the 2016 Cavs. 

The Browns are trending upward, that is for sure. Saturday night’s win wasn’t pretty, but it was enough! Cleveland flies home victors and with their playoff hopes still alive and well. 

Enjoy each game – this is new territory for us young Browns fans. We deserve it. 

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