April 23, 2024

This was an incredibly weird day for the Browns and Mychal Kendricks. There had been a lot of rumors around where Mychal was going to end up after he surprisingly got cut from the Philadelphia Eagles. He was a highly sought after free agent. He had workouts with the Browns, Vikings and Raiders all this week. While two out of those three teams could use some help at linebacker, the team that didn’t need the help at linebacker quickly seemed to be the favorite to land him and that’s where everything kinda went weird.

It was announced by Ian Rapoport that the Browns would sign Kendricks to a one year deal, which blew up and soon everyone was reporting that. However, Mychal sent out a strange tweet, in response to Ian Rapoport’s, stating, “you will never have my respect.” After that tweet was sent out a new report came out saying that per his agent he had not signed with the Browns yet, while they were the favorites to land him. Mychal was quoted as using a bunch of profanities and vulgar language while talking about the situation saying that he hadn’t signed anywhere yet. Then it was reported once more that he had in fact signed with Cleveland, this was backed by a lot more reputable sources, and at the moment, is perceived to be factual. For now, it seems to be set in stone that he is a Brown, but that might change come tomorrow morning. 

Now, while at first, I was extremely excited to have landed him, after his comments though I am a little concerned. The comments he made today just kind of rubbed me the wrong way. To me, he came off very rude and just mean really. I know the comments weren’t directed to the Browns, but the way he talked about the reporters and what they were saying just really struck a nerve with me. Especially since he ended up signing with the Browns anyway. It makes no sense to me to attack people who are trying to do their job when what they said ended up being true in the end. I don’t think that negativity is something that needs to be around this young impressionable team. It’s great to have veteran leadership, but the comments made today makes me personally think he’s a little immature still and might have difficulty trying to really lead this team like he should be able to. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think Mychal is a freak athlete and a great linebacker who I love being in Cleveland. His comments just make me nervous, but it all is counteracted by what he brings to the team. There are now so many opportunities that are opened up thanks to this signing. The Browns front seven is now going to be one of the most dangerous in the entire NFL thanks to this signing. I hope Mychal comes in on day one with a much more cheery attitude and goes out and kills it on the field like we all know he can. 

Image: ESPN

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