The Blatt situation could be an exaggeration


The drama doesn’t stop with the Cavs does it? After a lackluster performance against the six win Pistons, rumors emerged that the Cavs players have lost mutual respect for first year coach David Blatt. This could potentially be a big problem for the Cavs. This team won’t do anything in the playoffs if they don’t have respect for their coach. Without respect, there is no trust. No trust – there is no communication… You get the point.

Before we jump off the deep end, let’s see if the reports are even true. ESPN’s Marc Stein and Brian Windhorst are the ones that broke the story. We all know how much ESPN kills for stories about LeBron and the Cavs. Anybody remember when Kevin Love to the Lakers was a done deal after two games with the Cavs? Or when Dion Waiters was an anti-American jihadist Muslim because he skipped the National Anthem? We figured out then that ESPN and other sports outlets would take stories like this and run with them. This is just the latest story in the never ending saga of the 2014-2015 Cavaliers.

It’s interesting that reports like this don’t come up after wins, isn’t it? Where was this story during the Cavs 8 game win streak? What about after the Cavs impressive win over Memphis last week or even their come from behind win against the Magic? Did the players trust him in those games but then lost faith in Blatt once they lost to a bad team? Really just think about it. Yes, I know they could be gradually losing trust in him, but it’s interesting that this is reported after a disappointing loss to the Pistons.

Let’s look at who reported it, our good friend Brian Windhorst. You know this isn’t the first time this guy has told us what we thought was bad news. This is the same guy that told us Kyrie wouldn’t sign a long-term contract in Cleveland. I guess you were wrong about that one Windy. And what about when he told us LeBron wasn’t likely to come back to Cleveland? Looks like he was wrong about that one too. Just because this guy reports something doesn’t mean it’s true. We’re not in the locker room and the huddle everyday. We’re not on the team. We don’t know these things, and the truth is I don’t think Windhorst’s sources do either.

Blatt thinks he has the situation under control. He denied the report that the Cavs are losing trust in him. He just felt the Cavs didn’t play well. It’s obvious that he would deny the reports. He’s not going to say, “Yeah the players don’t pay attention to me anymore.” Even with that being said, I still believe him. Kyrie also shot down the notion that the players have lost faith in Blatt. He told the Plain Dealer’s Joe Vardon that he’d, “Do anything for Coach Blatt.” He then said, “I know exactly where those questions came from.” Could he be referencing Brian Windhorst, you know the same guy that said he wouldn’t sign a deal in Cleveland. It sounds like he is to me.

Just relax Cavs fans. We’re not a perfect team, but it’s not as bad as some people try to make it out to be. LeBron is showing a lack of energy and leadership now, but I know he can turn it around. There could be friction with him and Blatt, we honestly don’t know. But we know these are problems that can be worked out. Professionals work out differences with each other. That’s what LeBron and Eric Spolstra did in Miami. There’s a reason LeBron has gone to the Finals the last 4 years, and it’s not just because of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. We do have holes on the team, but I don’t believe the players have lost faith in Blatt. The Cavs have the ability to turn it around. Don’t panic just yet Cavs Nation.


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