The Biggest Key With Odell Beckham Jr. Is…

A lot of people in the media love to talk about new Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.’s attitude, character and that he is a terrible influence on the rest of the team.

I don’t know Odell personally and I am not in the Browns (or was in the Giants) facility, but I think that’s a load of BS.

Now, Odell was traded to Cleveland and it’s important to note that he didn’t voluntarily come here and sign on the dotted line. After all, who would leave New York and the glitz and the glam to come to Cleveland, Ohio, anyway?

What I loved during the press conference was this understanding Odell had that his personal clout and fame has nothing to do with what city he plays for. It didn’t come across as him being a narcissistic d-bag either but genuine.

Look, Odell knows that he is one of if not the best wide receiver in the NFL and that the media will follow him regardless of where he is playing. When you have Baker Mayfield tossing you the ball, it’ll help.

Thus, the biggest key with Odell is that he wants to be here. This is not LA or New York. It’s not as exciting as those awesome big cities. He seemed to grasp that we have the best fan base that yearns for a winner so desperately.

We have watched losing teams basically since Bernie Kosar was quarterback. Unfortunately, we are still looking for that Super Bowl. Trust me, Odell won’t have to worry about attention at the Downtown Cleveland Parade if the Browns win it all.

Odell knows he’s great. I know he’s great, you know he’s great. We’ve all seen the one-handed catches, the quickness and speed like a lightning bolt. I’d rather a confident receiver with fire than someone that is scared of the moment.

If this team truly reaches its potential that confidence is going to be needed deep in the playoffs when it counts most.

Alongside his lifelong friend and fellow wide receiver Jarvis Landry, these guys get us. A hard-working, blue-collard city that wants a winner.

As a Cleveland fan my entire life, I always said the following. First of all, the season is not the entire year. More than half the year players can live/train/be wherever they want. I know Odell mentioned he was training in LA this offseason. Where was my invite? Plus, once you finish your career, you can go anywhere.

Thus, this isn’t jail. YOU ARE SENTENCED TO FIVE YEARS IN CLEVELAND, OHIO. Newsflash, you play here during the season and that’s it.

In this city, it is simple. Play well, give it your best and we will love you. Hopefully, you’ll love us in return and it already appears like Odell does.

Him and HC Freddie Kitchens, at least.

Image: Browns

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