Tomorrow is a big day for not only the Browns but also the city of Cleveland.  If the Browns win, they will be closer to achieving something that has been eluding the city and fans of Cleveland for the last 18 years. A playoff birth. The last time that Browns had a 10-win season was 13 years ago and the last time they were in the playoffs was in 2002.

Imagine at one point being the laughing stock of the National Football League and now you’re in the power rankings top-10. This season has been nothing short of remarkable for the Browns with the loss of one of the top receivers in the division and the lack of offensive line protection for Baker Mayfield. But when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And for those of the City of Cleveland who rallied behind the Browns, I applaud you. You stuck it out when everyone was laughing at you.

The end of the season should be a cakewalk for the Browns. Monday night will be a challenge but nothing the Browns can’t handle. Over the last four games, the Browns are 4-0 while the Ravens are 1-3. Yes, the Ravens did beat the Browns earlier in the season but recently have only been averaging 22 points a game. The Browns are also coming off of a win against the Tennessee Titans who the Ravens lost to in Week 10.

I’m not saying that the upcoming game won’t be a struggle. Both teams are ranked number one and two in rushing yards per game, so expect the ground game to be very important to both teams. The Ravens will have to deal with DE Myles Garrett, who will look to keep them in check all night and the Browns will look to the best running back duo in the league to do their usual thing and score points. The Browns will have to deal with the explosive QB Lamar Jackson, who unfortunately can pull a play out of thin air and somehow make it work.

The Browns can do it.

I’m not saying we are Super-Bowl-Ready, but as each week passes we inch closer and closer to achieving something that some Browns fans have never seen. Their home team in a playoff game. We have a 92% chance of making the playoffs and frankly, the odds have never been in our favor like this. Hopefully, we can do what no-one expected us to be able to do and prove them wrong and get to the post-season.

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