Ah, finally spring!  Wait, what?  It’s still -15 degrees in Ohio?  Well, it’s spring somewhere, and that somewhere is Goodyear, Arizona.  With full squads now reporting to spring training it’s time to preview our beloved Cleveland Indians.  I will be looking at the offense, and telling the ever pessimistic Cleveland fan why the Indians can have the best offense in the AL.

The Indians pulled their classic Indians offseason move of standing pat, with almost everyone returning from 2014’s squad.  The Indians did add one new player to the offense, All-Star Brandon Moss.  Here’s a look at the top 5 AL offenses in 2014 by runs scored:

1: Los Angeles (773)
2: Detroit (757)
3: Oakland (729)
4: Toronto (723)
5: Minnesota (715)

Here’s why the above teams could fall in the rankings.  The Angeles will most likely be without Josh Hamilton for a majority of the season, and they traded away second basemen, Howie Kendrick.  Besides Mike Trout and Albert Pujols, who strikes fear in the heart of pitchers in this lineup?  The Tigers are dealing with injuries to Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez, both should be ready by opening day, but with those guys missing out on spring training, it could take the offense some time to gel.

Oakland got rid of Yoenis Cespedes (last trade deadline), Brandon Moss, Josh Donaldson, and Jed Lowrie, among others.  The A’s are obvious regression candidates.  Toronto added Josh Donaldson and Russell Martin to a lineup that includes Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, and Jose Reyes.  I dare you to name another player in their batting order.  Finally, the Twins, well they just got hot in the last month of the season, but still finished 70-92, they aren’t threats.  That leaves the Indians as possible heirs to the throne.

I know what your thinking, this whole article is preposterous!  The Indians finished 7th in the AL in runs in 2014, no way can they improve that much.  They don’t have a right-handed power bat, the Dolan’s are cheap, and blah blah blah.  Fans tend to have the “what have you done for me lately” mantra, and have already forgotten that the Tribe finished 5th in the MLB in runs in 2013.  Let’s run down the Tribe players and their projections.

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