The Beginning of the LeBron Era Part II: Cavs vs. Bulls Recap


Ladies and Gentlemen, those are your 2014 Cleveland Cavaliers.

It turns out that the rumors of The King’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. LeBron James once again silenced his critics by putting up 36 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists. More importantly the Cavaliers won their first game in a playoff environment against an overrated Bulls team. So for just a couple hours we can put away the ridiculous rumors that David Blatt is going to be fired and stop saying LeBron is no longer the best player on the planet.

Games like this are what you expect to see from the Cavs. The Cavs pulled out a huge come from behind road win against the Bulls in a game that looked more like a playoff game than it did an October game. The Cavs were down by 5 with 46 seconds left to play and forced overtime after 2 crucial free throws made by LeBron and an amazing and one from Kyrie. The Cavs also played great defense and forced contested jumpers from Gibson and Hinrich in the waning seconds of the fourth quarter. LeBron proceeded to take control of overtime by scoring the Cavs first 8 points. And Thompson sealed the deal by hammering home a putback dunk that silenced the entire city of Chicago.

The Cavs controlled the glass today by winning the rebounding battle 52 to 42 which proved to be the key to our success. The Cavs were able to minimize second chance points and by and large control the paint. Thompson’s effort off the bench was invaluable. He finished the game with 13 huge offensive rebounds and 16 points. Thompson provided the spark plug off the bench when we needed it most. LeBron has not been on a team that is able to control the glass like this on both ends of the floor. Offensive rebounds played a huge role in today’s game. There were also huge contributions from Love and Irving. This was a total team effort.

The Cavs team chemistry looked much better than it did Thursday. The Cavs are not even close to reaching their full potential. Friday night we just saw a glimpse of how good this team can be. And the truth is, it’s scary. This team has the ability to dominate every single team it plays. We still have some issues to iron out, and our defense is still subpar. But, with our rebounding ability and our scoring prowess, who knows what is possible for this team.

The Cavaliers got their first win of the season and were able to spoil the Bulls’ opening night. Let’s be honest what other team would we rather have our first win against? This isn’t the last time we will play these guys. It’s likely that we will be playing these guys again deep in the playoffs. Enjoy this win, we deserve it. Just maybe we can go a couple days without hearing about how great the Bulls are. The best team in the East won the game tonight. This was a great way to kick off The LeBron Era Part II. It’s good to have The King back on his throne.

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