December 8, 2023

The All-Time series for Bengals Vs. Browns, including both games from this year, wins and losses 

A burgeoning rivalry has been aided by the numerous brawls that have taken place between the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals in Ohio. The Bengals are still searching for their first Lombardi Trophy, but they did make their first Super Bowl trip since 1989 during the 2021/22 season; thanks to the team’s strong performances, as they impressed their fans in Ohio and beyond. However, the Browns are one of just four NFL teams that have not competed in a Super Bowl. In the AFC North division, these teams are moving forward well. They have not generally had much success together, but they have nonetheless faced off in many entertaining matches.

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Due to their familial ties, the Bengals and the Browns were destined to compete against one another, as they built a fierce battle in Ohio state. They are both Paul Brown-founded, the only NFL clubs in Ohio, and both are currently vying for advancement in their respective divisions.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns have been embroiled in a bitter rivalry since the 1970s. Since that time, they have played twice a year, with the exception of 1982 when a strike interrupted the 1996 to 1998 seasons when there was a relocation debate.

Although there have been many historical contrasts between these two clubs, their geographical separation on opposing sides of Ohio has stood out as the most significant. They are not only at odds with one another in terms of where they are, but they are also at odds with one another from a societal perspective, which gives this conflict between pride and honor in football a particular touch. But as time passes, a few instances differ in a lot of ways.


What are the major records in the history of the Browns Vs. the Bengals?

The best game between the two sides came in 2004 when the Cincinnati Bengals beat the Cleveland Browns 58-48. High-scoring contests between the two teams have occurred before, and they will continue to do so. These two teams continued to impress throughout the whole game, helping to contribute to the second-highest-scoring game in NFL history with a total of 106 points. Rudi Johnson’s game-winning touchdown gave the Bengals a 10-point advantage going into the final period, making for a thrilling conclusion.

The Browns shocked the Bengals in a high-scoring matchup between AFC North rivals in September 2007. Both of the teams traded blows in this game, just like they did in the 2004 match, but the Browns lost. The Bengals came into this game as seven-point favorites on the road. Instead, the Bengals shocked all the supporters from Ohio and around the World by defeating the Browns. While Jamal Lewis had a tremendous day on the ground, rushing for 216 yards and a score, Derek Anderson had a field day against the Bengals’ defense, passing for 328 yards and five touchdowns.

Rudi Johnson was the best when it came to outstanding individual performances. Four of Johnson’s top ten rushing efforts in his career—including the game in which he ran for 202 yards and a touchdown in 2004—came against the Browns. In total, Johnson gained 5,742 yards while playing for the Bengals, but four of his best individual games took place against the Browns, where he amassed a remarkable 642 yards on the ground. 

Players like Rudi Johnson are the ones who impress on the big stages like the NFL Playoffs, making it easier for spectators to place bets, which is a pastime that has started to emerge across the US in various states, with Ohio set to join them imminently. This is possible with the creation of reliable sites, which includes the Caesars sportsbook launch in Ohio before the NFL Playoffs, where people can bet on all the games played with the various bonus codes that have been made available for those who are interested in wagering on the sport across a variety of different markets in the postseason.

Additionally, there may be a bigger incentive for those based in Ohio once the launch of the sports betting market goes live, as the Cincinnati Bengals will appear in the playoffs again after recently clinching their berth!

What is the all-time series for the Bengals Vs Browns, with wins and losses?

Over the years, there has been a lot of competition in the Bengals-Browns rivalry, sometimes known as the Battle of Ohio.

The two teams have met a total of 99 times since they first played together in 1970. Currently, the team leading is the Cincinnati Bengals, who have won 52 matches. The Cleveland Browns are also following the Bengals closely, after having won 47 games. Both teams have previously had a 7 game-winning streak against each other in the past. The Browns had their streak from 1992 to 1995, while the Bengals had their streak from 2014 to 2017. Over the last few games, the Cleveland Browns have had the most success among the two teams; dominating the last 13 games, with a 9-4 record. 

In 1987, the Cleveland Browns provided the Cincinnati Bengals with their most humiliating loss. Under Marty Schottenheimer’s leadership, the Browns scored a dominating performance on the field to leave the Bengals with 0 points, giving them their biggest victory in this rivalry. QB Gary Danielson’s four touchdown throws helped the team secure a significant victory in the history of the series and leave a lasting impression on the Browns’ ego.

On Halloween night 2022, it was the Cleveland Browns against the Cincinnati Bengals, but only one team was happy with their overall performance. After a sluggish offensive start, the Browns dominated the Bengals by scoring a ton of points in the second half. On October 31, 2022, when the Cleveland Browns played their first game of the 2022 season against the Cincinnati Bengals, Cincinnati did not score until the fourth quarter and trailed by as much as 26. The match ended 32-13, in favor of the Cleveland Browns, which made all the supporters of the team in that part of Ohio happy.


The Cleveland Browns were defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals for the first time in six games in the second meeting between the two teams in 2022 after the Bengals grabbed control of the game in the second quarter. The Bengals won against the Browns for the first time in almost three years.

Deshaun Watson was playing for the second time in a year after serving an 11-game suspension, and the Browns were defeated 23-10 by their divisional opponent. This victory was a big one for the Cincinnati Bengals who tied the series 1-1 for 2022 with the other NFL team in Ohio. The win was well deserved, following a series of impressive performances in the game. 

Rivalry Will Continue to Be As Explosive As Ever

Due to the fierce rivalry between the Browns and the Bengals in the state of Ohio, a lot of interesting matchups have been provided over the years. Currently, the Cincinnati Bengals have won the most games among them, but the Browns have dominated the last few games. 

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